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“Will” to reunite Galifianakis and Rudd

Posted on 16 January 2010 by David



According to The Hollywood Reporter, Zach Galifianakis and Paul Rudd appear to be re-teaming for “Will” a movie about “an ordinary guy who lives in a world where people’s lives and destinies are being written by scribes in Heaven.”  Rudd will play the “ordinary guy” with Galifianakis set to be his scribe.  Rudd’s character tries to figure things out when one day, he wakes up and realizes he has been abandoned by his scribe.


The pair most recently worked on “Dinner for Schmucks” which will be released by Paramount this summer.


Valerie Faris and Jonathon Dayton, the directors from “Little Miss Sunshine”, are set to direct “Will” with filming looking to begin sometime this spring.  The pair has struggled to find their next project since their highly successful run with “Little Miss Sunshine.”  “Will” is based off of a pitch given to Dreamworks by comedian Demetri Martin.  The script was moved to Paramount after the Dreamworks split.

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