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Daily Movie and TV filming locations for Nov 6

Posted on 06 November 2009 by David

Listed below are filming locations for New York, Los Angeles, Michigan, Vancouver, and Boston for November 6.

Los Angeles Filming Locations

Dinner for Schmuck’s is filming at 1317 Willow St. from 6am til 6am

Parks and Recreation is filming at 648 S. Broadway in Los Angeles from 7am til 9pm

Will and the Ruins is filming at S. Santa and Broadway in Los Angeles from 5pm til 7am

Inception (Oliver’s Arrow) is filming in Pasadena at 215 Grand Ave S.

Fox Tv Show Bones is on location filming in Pasadena at 2632 Washington Blvd. E

“What I hate about me” is filming at 112 S. De Lacey St.
New York Filming Locations

Nurse Jackie is on location filming at Baruch College, NYC (24th & Lex), 5AM-11PM

The Beaver is filming in studio, Brooklyn, New York

Boardwalk Empire is filming at 2nd Ave and 52nd St. in Brooklyn, New York

The Other Guys is filming at E 80th and Madison Ave, (New York City) NYC. Also spotted signs near Centre and Worth again
Thanks OLV for the New York tips!!

Michigan Filming Locations

Cedar Rapids is filming in Ann Arbor.   If anyone has specific information, just write it below.
or leave a post on our Cedar Rapids page.

We have filming information for trust
It appears that Trust will be filming @ the old Pfizer building in Ann Arbor on November 05, 06, & 09.
Call times around 9:00 am. at 2800 Plymouth Rd

They had been filming at the University of Michigan downtown campus also. If anyone has pics or further information let us know.

Red Dawn has been filming at the area of Milwaukee and Second Ave just outside of the Michigan
State Police Detroit Post this week.  If they are still there, or if they have moved let
us know.  Thanks!!!
Boston Filming Locations

“The Town” is slotted to film all day Friday, Nov. 6 at the old-school watering hole
known as “Old Sully’s” located at on Union Street near the Community College Station Orange Line T stop (Thanks Loadedgunboston)

Vancouver Filming Locations.

Fringe is filming at the 800 block of Great Northern Way for the next two weeks. Massive tents
and CDC Trucks scatter the front entrance.

A-Team was filming at the Westin Bayshore yesterday (Thursday Nov 5) They still may be there today. if they  are let us know.

If any one has any other information you can post it below, or send out an email to

Always looking for pics.  If you have any pics send them our way also.

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Cedar Rapids and Trust Movies filming in Ann Arbor

Posted on 03 November 2009 by David

Two movies have started or will start filming in Ann Arbor.  We are looking for people in the area, that can keep track of filming locations and times.  If you have information you can write it below, or just email us and we will get the info listed at

Cedar Rapids Filming information

Cedar Rapids stars Anne Heche, John C. Reily and Ed Helms.

Filming has started.  Today (November 3)  The sidewalk on the north side of Liberty Street between Main and Ashley is blocked off today for a film crew, and one of the storefronts in that block has been covered with black plastic sheeting.

November 4th, filming was occuring at Hill Street next to the Potters Guild. Three big trucks full of equipment at Fingerle.

November 11 through 14 An intermittent lane closure on Textile Road between State Road and Wilson Road for the film production of the movie Cedar Rapids is scheduled for November 11, 2009 thru November 14, 209 between the hours of 5pm and 7am.  The southerly lane of Textile Road will be maintained for traffic under flag control.

November 17: Cedar Rapids was filming at the airport in Ann Arbor yesterday.
They could be still filming today.  if we get any new information, or if you have information for filming let us know!!

 November 20: Film crew in Ann Arbor for Cedar Rapids on Jackson road down Wagner going toward Liberty.  Have truck located in soon to be Clarion Hotel by Webers.

 Film crews located on Liberty at the Masonic Temple location.  Between Wagner and maple.

November 30: Update for Cedar Rapds filming information:  They were spotted near the Clarion Hotel yesterday filming.  Sounds like they were filming most of the night.


December 2nd:  Was getting reports of a movie filming at Plymouth Roc Sports Bar in Plymouth, MI at the corner of Harvey and Plymouth.  Was thought to be Trust at first, but it seems to be Cedar Rapids that is filming.  Thanks for the info!!

December 10:  Update this morning: Heard Filming is occuring at the Red Roof INN at 3621 Plymouth Rd.  in Ann Arbor this Morning.  Probably will continue working there throughout the day.   In the movie its called “Royal Cedar” hotel. If anyone gets any new info, let us know!

 December 15: The movie Cedar Rapids is filming at the Clarion Hotel at 2900 Jackson Rd, they temporarily have the hotel named the Royal Cedar for the movie.  There through the 18th filming.

Trust Filming information

Trust will start filming in both the areas of Dexter and Ann Arbor.  Trust is directed by everyone’s favorite friend David Schwimmer and stars Clive Owen and Catherine Keener (40 year old Virgin).

November 6 It appears that Trust will be filming @ the old Pfizer building in Ann Arbor on November 05, 06, & 09.
Call times around 9:00 am. at 2800 Plymouth Rd

They had been filming at the University of Michigan downtown campus also. If anyone has pics or further information let us know.

On Nov 10-13 Trust will be filming at the Dexter High School.

November 24: Update: Got an email this morning, saying that Trust would be filming in Plymouth in the Downtown area today (Tuesday) and returning to the Plymouth area after Thanksgiving!!  They were filming at the area of Ann Arbor Trail and Wing in Plymouth last night.  They could be in the same area today.

As we get information about both films we will list here. We will get ahead of the information, so we know where they are going to film ahead of time.

We have created two facebook groups.  One for Cedar Rapids filming information, and the other for Trust movie filming information.  If you have or want information on filming for these movies please join up and share!!  and we will post the information we receive here.

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