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Movie and TV Daily Filming Locations for October 22nd

Posted on 22 October 2009 by David

Listed are today’s (October 22) filming locations for Movies and TV shows that are being filmed currently
in New York, Los Angeles, Boston and various areas of Michigan.
Daily Movie and TV filming Locations in New York (NYC)

Listed Below are TV Shows and movies currently being filmed in New York City.

Wall Street 2: Filming around Park and 64th in New York City (NYC).

The Other Guys: Filming around 24th and Park again.  There was a fake jewelry store set up yesterday at this location, should be the same today and tomorrow. Signs for The Other Guys were also spotted near W 57th and 9th.

The Beaver: Filming  on location near the Harrison, NY Police Department again.

Thanks OLV for the tips!!


Daily Movie and TV Filming Locations in Los Angeles

The League is filming at Mateo St. and Palmetto St. from 7am til 3pm on location in Los Angeles

The League is filming on location in Los Angeles at 1275 E. 6th St from 7am til 10pm
on the 22nd and 23rd

The CBS show Numb3rs is filming on location in Los Angeles from 7am til 7pm at 369 E. 1st Street
and 140 Judge John Aiso St

Three Rivers is filming at 617 S. Olive Street in Los Angeles on location from 7am til 10pm

Daily Movie and TV Filming Locations in Michigan

Red Dawn is shooting at michigan and griswold. location – police convention plaza and will be shooting through the 23rd (thanks Linda!!)

I believe What’s Wrong with Virginia will be still filming on location in Grand Haven, Michigan and Spring lake at Felix’s, Flotos Gifts, and the Holiday Inn.
If I find out different information I will update it!! If you have different information let us know

 Boston Movie and TV Filming Locations

“The Social Network” Like yesterday is filming at 70 Beacon St. in Somerville.

Knight and Day is filming at Jacob Wirth Restaurant at 31 Stuart St on location in Boston.
As always if i missed something that you think i should know, have a question or you want to converse just write below. You can also email

Spokane, Washington

Filming is occuring today at Sprague Lake near Spokane on the movie “The Big Bang”  If you visit we would love pictures, or if you have any further information about filming just leave a note below or send an email.  Thanks for the tip (Harleypoint)!!

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Filming locations for October 13

Posted on 13 October 2009 by David

Nurse Jackie is filming around Washington St & Gansevoort St, New York City.

The Adjustment Bureau is filming at the Javits Center, 644 W 34th, New York City.

There are signs up for White Collar on Leonard between Broadway and Church, New York City from 9 am -11 pm.

How To Make It In America is filming around the Westside Highway and 52nd St in New York.

Damages permit signs were spotted on Center Blvd in Long Island. 

The Beaver is filming in the Veteran’s Memorial Park, Harrison, NY.

Sex and the city 2 is filming at Steiner Studios again.

Mercy is filming at Giants Stadium.

Law and Order: SVU is filming around ROUTE 5 & Bridle Way, Fort Lee, NJ.

Thanks to  OLV for the tips

The Town starring Ben Affleck will be filming on Tuesday, Oct. 13 from 6 a.m.-8 p.m. at Salem, Prince, Hanover and Parmenter streets.
and at Pizzeria Regina located at 11 1/2 Thacher Street.

Three Rivers will be filming at Santa Fe Ave from 4th St – Palmetto St in Los Angeles from 7am to 10pm

The Mentalist will be shooting in Los Angeles at 125 Paseo De La aza during the time period of 5am til 12pm.

Dinner For Schmucks will be in Los Angeles filming at 900 S Hope St. from 5am til 10 pm.

TGC- Earth & Life is filming at 516 S Anderson St. also in Los Angeles from 7am til 10 pm.

Gossip Girl are filming on Norfolk St between Houston and Stanton, New York City from 9 am- 10 pm.

“What’s up with Virginia?” is in zeeland, the house is on central off the corner of state street. the big gold ‘set’ signs can’t be missed!

Red Dawn is in Brighton, MI at Mt. Brighton filming.
They are at the Higland Recreation area. Heard they are supposed to be there for the rest of the week.

There is going to be a propaganda ralley at Michigan street in Detroit all this week.

Check back in the morning for more filming locations!!

If you know about any filming locations or have a tip, just write it below or email us at and don’t forget we have our new mobile website addresss now at

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Filming Locations for August 24th

Posted on 24 August 2009 by David

Going The Distance, starring Drew Barrymore and Justin Long, is filming at Southpaw in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Red Dawn Casting and Film Crews Needed

The Genesis Code will be filming in Lowell, MI today

Signs for Just Wright starring Queen Latifah and Common were spotted near 49th Ave and Vernon Blvd in Queens.
I also heard they would be back at Coler-Goldwater Hospital again today.

Gossip Girl in Gramercy Park,
filming August 24 & August 25.
Signs for an Gossip Girl also spotted near Chelsea Market
(9th Ave. between 15-16th) for August 26 too.

The Bounty starring Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler is filming at 31th ave and 14th street in Astoria.

White Collar, a new USA series starring Tiffani Thiessen, is filming on Broadway
between 104th and 105th, New York City on August 25.

Valentine’s Day starring Ashton Kutcher is filming near Wilshire Blvd
& Merv Griffin Way, Beverly Hills.

White Collar, a new USA series starring Tiffani Thiessen, is filming on Center
Boulevard in Long Island City.

The Good Wife, a new CBS series starring Chris Noth, will be filming
on John St & Dutch St, New York City.
Signs also spotted on John Street between Broadway and William for Monday.
Filming this morning on John St btwn Broadway
& Nassua in the financial district.

Southland is filming at 777 Chick Hearn Ct, Los Angeles on August 25.

Casting call for Amazing Race today at Victorian Gardens
in Central Park.

Three Rivers is filming at 220 S Spring St, Los Angeles, 1:00 P.M. – 9:00 P.M.

CSI: New York is filming on Spring St & 5th St and 500 S Spring St, Los Angeles.

The Forgotten is filming at 324 Madeline Dr, Pasadena, CA.

One Tree Hill is filming a scene on the Causeway Drive bridge over Banks Channel
in Wrightsville Beach from 6 to 11 a.m., August 31. In the scene a character is going to jump off the bridge.

NCIS LA is filming on the 7000 block of Ocean Boulevard, Los Angeles on August 25.
The scene will include a faux foot chase, some simulated gunfire and an exploding backpack in the street.

Valentine’s Day is filming at 1111 S Figueroa St and 111 N Hope St, Los Angeles on August 26.

Ugly Betty is filming on 7th Ave between 38th & 40th Streets and on 40th between 7th & 8th Avenues
in New York City on August 26.

Brothers and Sisters is filming at 1640 Lombardy Rd, Pasadena, CA on August 28

Sex and the City 2 will be filming in the atrium on the 25th floor of Hogan and Hartson’s
offices at 875 Third Ave, New York City on September2.
The law offices will be transformed into Mr. Big’s on-screen office!

Oliver’s Arrow is filming at 1745 E 7th St, Los Angeles on September 3, September 4 & September 9 – September 11.
Right now, they’re filming in Paris.

Battle: Los Angeles will be filming on the northern most tip of I-49,
where traffic exits onto Murphy Street, in Shreveport, LA for five weeks.

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