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Daily filming locations for November 25

Posted on 25 November 2009 by David

Looking for filming locations? Listed below are filming locations in New York, Los Angeles and parts of Michigan. If you know about a film or tv show that is production write it below, or send an email to


Los Angeles Filming Locations
The Social Network will be on location filming in the Pasadena area at 465 N. Halstead St.
The TV show 24 will be filming on location in Los Angeles from 6am til 10pm at the area 202 W. 1st Street

Michigan Filming Locations
A Year in Mooring. The film is currently shooting in the Traverse City Area. 
If  anyone is up in the Traverse City area or has information, let us know!!
Red Dawn have leased the building at 3100 west big beaver Troy, Mi and will start filming.
The Tank has already been dropped off. They will be filming the tank crashing through the front doors of the old Kmart HDQs
building and filming a few fight scenes inside the building.
The Movie Trust will be filming on Wed at the Ann Arbor Farmers Market.
Update: Got an email saying that Trust would be filming in Plymouth in the Downtown area today (Tuesday) and returning to the Plymouth area after Thanksgiving!!  As listed below they were filming at the area of Ann Arbor Trail and Wing in Plymouth Monday night.  They could be in the same area when they return after Thanksgiving
No new word on the movie Cedar Rapids, filming in Ann Arbor, MI. 
Cedar Rapids was filming at the Clarion Hotel in Ann Arbor, Michigan over the weekend on Jackson Road.
If anyone has information about where they are filming today let us know!!

New York Filming Locations

Law and Order: Criminal Intent is on location in SeaCliff, New York filming

How To Make It In America will be on location filming around 11th St and 37th Ave in Long Island City

Boardwalk Empire has filming signs at Park and 68th near Hunter College in New York City (NYC).

Wall Street 2 has Permits up in New York City at Allen + Rivington (6 am- 3 am) and 70th and 71st between Lexington and 3rd (5 am- 2 am)

The Other Guys is on location in New York City filming near W 19th and 8th Ave
Thanks OLV For the Tips!!
The Adjustment Bureau is scheduled for Filming around West 25th, 26th ,27th, 28th between 9th and 11th Ave in New York City (NYC)  Thanks Neal!!
Heard it might be cancelled, so I would check into it.

For those in New York that is interesting in maybe being an extra check out this page.
If  anyone has any filming information they want to share, just write it below!! or you can send an email to

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Daily Filming Locations for November 2nd

Posted on 02 November 2009 by David

Daily filming locations for movies and tv shows
Filming locations in New York

The Adjustment Bureau if filming at 1 Margaret Corbin Dr, Washington Heights.

Law and Order is filming in New York at Chambers Street, NYC at the Surrogates Court.

Law and Order: SVU is Filming around Berry and Metropolitan in Brooklyn.
Signs also spotted at 71st and Columbus Ave, NYC for today and Wed. (Thanks Toma!)

Law and Order: Criminal Intent is on location Near South St and Peck Slip, NYC (New York City).

How To Make It In America: 135 Flag Place, Staten Island.

The Other Guys: Signs spotted on Pine and Broadway in New York City
Also near Centre St and Worth again.

The Beaver starring Mel Gibson is filming at 1133 Westchester Ave, White Plains, NY.

White Collar is filming near West St and Bank, NYC.

Thanks OLV for the New York locations

Filming locations in Los Angeles

Inception (Oliver’s arrow) is filming at 215 Grand Ave S. in Los Angeles. If anyone can get pictures that would be awesome!!



Filming locations in Boston

“The Social Network” is filming at “Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland beginning Monday, Nov. 2 and Tuesday, Nov. 3 between 6-10 p.m.
Filming is slotted to continue in the wee hours after 10 p.m.” Thanks LoadedGunBoston

The Town starring Ben Affleck will be filming in Boston at the Howard Johnson Boston located at 1271 Boylston St.

Filming locations in Michigan

If anyone has information on What’s wrong with Virginia, starring Ed Harris and Jennifer Connelly let us know.  that would be great!!
Just leave a note below or email us at

Red Dawn is Filming early Monday morning, in Detroit’s New Center Area. Milwaukee & Second Ave.
just outside the Michigan State Police Detroit Post. More vehicular carnage.

 ‘Cedar Rapids’ starring Anne Heche and Ed Helms (The Office and The Hangover), is crewing up this week for filming in Ann Arbor.  If anyone has information about this, that would be great!!

As usual, if you have any filming locations let us know below, or send us an email at

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New York, Los Angeles, Michigan and other Filming Locations – October 29

Posted on 29 October 2009 by David

New York Filming Locations for movies and tv shows for October 29

The Other Guys is filming in New York City. Signs spotted south of Canal Street on Baxter Street, Centre Street,

and Lafayette Street in Manhattan.

Update: Signs also spotted around Division and Canal.

Wall Street 2 is on location at Harriman State Park, 7 Lakes Dr, Highland Falls, NY

White Collar is filming at E 50th and Park in NYC (New YOrk City)

Gossip Girl is on location Filming in Old Westbury, Long Island.

Law and Order: CI is filming on location at 25th St and 3rd in Brooklyn, New York

Thanks OLV for the New York Locations

Los Angeles Filming Locations

Little Fockers is filming in Los Angeles and will continue through tomorrow (the 30th)

at 200 S. Grand Ave from 7am til 10pm

Their is an untitle Feature filming on location in Los Angeles at 1275 E. 6th Street

from 9am til 10 pm

The Forgotten is filming in Los Angeles from 5am til 10pm at 6th Street Bridge and Mateo St,

6th Street Bridge and Boyle Ave, and 6th Street and Sante Fe.

The Mission is filmng on location in Los Angeles at 833 E. 3rd Street from 7 am til 10pm

Christmas in Beverly Hills is filming in Pasadena at 1401 Oak Knoll Av S

Inception (Oliver’s Arrow) is filming in Pasadena at 215 Grand Ave

Filming Locations in Michigan

What’s Wrong with Virginia was filming at South Haven, Michigan the last couple of days.

If someone has an update write it below, or email me and ill get it listed.

Red Dawn will have Road closures for Red Dawn through the 30th in Detroit

Michigan !!

•Griswold between State and Fort ((but allows access to Kennedy Parking deck))

•Michigan Ave. between Washington and Woodward

•Lafayette between Washington and Griswold

Filming Locations in Hawaii for movies and tv shows

The Predators (2010) movie continues to be in Hawaii at Mauna Kea.  If anyone can get down there, or

get pics, let us know!! that would be awesome.

Boston Filming locations:  UPDATE

On Thursday, Oct. 29, crews will film a late-night scene kicking off at 3 p.m. in Medford. Casting scouts are on the hunt for college student types between 18 and 23-years-old for the overnight shoot. Click here for details.

If anyone has any information they want to share or movie locations we dont have,

let us know either below or at

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