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Slamdance Film Festival starts today in Park City!!

Posted on 21 January 2010 by David


The Slamdance Film Festival takes place each year in Utah at the same time as the Sundance Film Festival, competing to provide what its supporters consider a truer representation of independent filmmaking.

The festival was founded in 1995 by Dan Mirvish, Jon Fitzgerald, Shane Kuhn and Peter Baxter[1] and has since become a year-round organization championing emerging filmmaking talent and their new work.

In 2008, Oren Peli’s Paranormal Activity played its Festival premier at Slamdance and was acquired by Dreamworks who then passed domestic control of the film onto Paramount.

This year’s Festival event takes place in Park City, Utah January 21-28, 2010. It will include the world premiere of Steven Soderbergh’s And Everything Is Going Fine, a documentary about independent artist Spalding Gray and The Filmmaker Summit. The Summit invites the global filmmaking community to collectively craft a new charter for storytelling and content distribution that can succeed by using new technology.

Check out the Slamdance Website for a schedule for this week, tickets and passes. 

Check out this amazing entry for the Slamdance film Festival, called Yellowbrick Road.  If you are at the Slamdance Film Festival and want to check out the world Premiere on the 23rd, click here


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