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Legendary Touts ‘Warcraft’, While Warner Brothers Shocks With ‘Superman VS Batman’

Posted on 23 July 2013 by Anisa

Tom Cruise In Edge of Tomorrow Panel

We've heard the rumors to the mash up between Batman and Superman all the way back in 2011, but to actually hear it confirmed was a completely different experience. And this experience was reserved for the San Diego Comic Con fans last Saturday. Needless to say, there was a huge explosion of approval and excitement as the partial cast was revealed by Warner Bros., sans the movie title or any other details beside a simple graphic on screen. So far we know that Zack Snyder is directing, and Henry Cavill will be playing the role of Superman. The movie is set to be released 2015 and we'll definitely have more details as they surface.
Before the Batman/Superman tidbit though we got a chance to watch feature footage from movies like 'Godzilla', 'Warcraft', 'Seventh Son', 300:Rise of An Empire', and panels for 'Gravity', 'The Lego Movie' and Tom Cruise's 'Edge of Tomorrow'.
We're very excited to see all of these movies but based on footage alone we can conclude that Godzilla will be full of epic action and Warcraft promises not to disappoint.
Another point of excitement for us was when Game of Thrones heart throb Kit Harrington took turns to comment on his role as Spook's apprentice in the movie 'Seventh Son', directed by Sergei Bodrov and starring Jeff Bridges, Julianne Moore, Ben Barnes and due to be released January 2014. The movie is set in 18th century and is about young Thomas (Ben Barnes) who gets sold to Spook (Jeff Bridges) and gets trained in the art of defeating evil spirits. Turns out they sent Kit off to act for prolonged periods of time under rainstorms. At least it wasn't the -30s of Iceland where they filmed Game of Thrones eh Kit? Needless to say, this will be a fun movie to watch if you're into myth and action combos.
Gamers and game enthusiasts alike were taken aback by the 'Warcraft' footage shown today and no you won't be able to see it anywhere online anytime soon. However, the concept and and basic idea reached the audience as they showed a desert wasteland and a warrior unsheathing his sword before a hammer wielding orc. All we know so far is that it will be directed by Duncan Jones and he's mighty excited about the prospects of living upto the myth of an 11 million player game world wide. Best of luck to you Duncan!

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20th Century Fox Panel ‘Apes’, ‘Wolverine’ and ‘X-Men’

Posted on 21 July 2013 by Anisa


Third day of Comic Con here and we were lucky to join the highly anticipated panels of 20th Century Fox for their blockbuster movies 'Dawn of The Planet of Apes' , 'The Wolverine' and 'X-Men: Days of Future Past'.

Due to be released on July 18 of 2014, in 'Dawn of The Planet of Apes' panel we saw director Matt Reeves joined by stars Jason Clarke, Keri Russell and Andy Serkis who plays the role of our favorite ape from the prequel, Caesar.

The sequel features the stories of a group of scientists in San Francisco who are battling to stay alive in the aftermath of a plague that has nearly wiped out all of mankind. While our fine furry friend Caesar tries to maintain control of his group of intelligent apes. Andy Serkis, who played Caesar in the previous movie said that it was exciting to return to play Caesar one more time since he had played him from an infant to a leader. This time though, Caesar is in a position where all apes are stronger; he's a father and a husband and this time its all about the choices he makes when the humans arrive. We are also told that Caesar learns how to communicate with more than just sounds, and includes sign language and gestures in his repertoire.

When asked what the entry point of the film was, Keri Russell commented that she had joined the cast because of Matt Reeves and she trusted his sensibility in taking the story on. She said that in the movie, each community is trying to take care of themselves independently and that's something to look forward to see how it unfolds the story line.

Jason Clarke on the other hand, found it extremely exciting to have Cirque du Soleil come in and pull off the stunts, so the entire movie does not depend on CGI stunt works. (We love Cirque du Soleil and can't wait to see how that turns out).

On ending, Matt Reeves was asked whether it helps to know where the story ends exactly and he commented by saying that it helps him personally. He said there are stories that are about what happened and there are stories that you know what happened but don't know why, and what's so great about the franchise is that humans are portrayed as the animals and it provides a way to look at society.

Well that sure sounds a little bit more dramatic than we expected but nevertheless, we'll be getting ourselves a pair of early tickets when the movie hits theaters on July 18, 2014.


The panel also hosted 'The Wolverine' director James Mangold and the Wolverine himself, Hugh Jackman. The lowdown on the movie is that it has become a personal and fresh journey about the Wolverine character. Hugh told us that we will be able to understand Wolverine a lot more than before. And although he can't jump tall buildings or take down a 747, he has his awesome claws to strike people down and has healing as an added boost. According to James Mangold, the toughest part of the movie was how to go about portraying a character who constantly heals while all those around him die away. He said they had to start off with a Wolverine who has retreated from relationships and is a man who has lost everyone dear in his life. A short clip of the movie was also played showing Logan slicing through a samurai in Japan, while the samurai finds himself exclaiming: 'What kind of monster are you?' after the Wolverine pulls out the katana from his chest. We hear the movie will be played in 3D on July 26. That's not even a week from now! Check out the trailer here if you haven't seen it already:

The Wolverine Trailer



After this, Hugh Jackman introduced Brian Singer to take over the stage for the upcoming 'X-Men: Days of Future Past'. The star studded ensemble included Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult, Anna Paquin, Ellen Page, Peter Dinklage, Michael Fassbender, Halle Berry, James McAvoy, Shawn Ashmore who joined the utterly epic Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen, along with director Singer, writer/producer Simon Kinberg and producers Lauren Shuler Donner and Hutch Parker, . One of the highlights of today's panel was  the introduction of Omar Sy joining the cast as Bishop, and Even Peters who will be seen playing Quicksilver in the upcoming movie that will hit the theaters May 23rd, 2014. As far as we could tell, the Stewart McKellen duo got the most applause from the audience but Peter Dinklage was in a close second since he's taken a place in our hearts in his 'Game of Thrones' role.

During the banter, Halle Berry was asked what it was like to be playing Storm to which she replied that she sees her as the Earth Mother of the group and thats one thing that has resonated with her on a personal level. She was ecstatic when they called her to offer the role, it didn't take long for her to reply with: 'send me the wig!'. All the cast said they were very excited to be back with the X-Men, and Ellen Page even commented that the first one wasn't as big in size and scale compared to sequel. We were shown some fresh footage from the movie while its still being shot in Vancouver and got introduced to Omar Sy's character Bishop who plays a guy from the future, with red eyes and dread locks as long as Bob Marley's. On the other hand, Even Peters's character Quicksilver we we're told is faster than any of the other characters which a personality to match. Excited yet? So are we!

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Comic Con-Day 2- Panels

Posted on 20 July 2013 by Anisa

Ah yes, the fun continues! We started our second day of Comic Con long before the day had actually started, at 2 am, infront of the 6000 person capacity Hall H, waiting in line with 3000 other people. The waiting had started before we got there, but that did not deter us from pulling an all nighter right there with all the joyous, tired, sometimes sleeping yet eager crowds. Afterall, we knew we were going to be rewarded with some of the most epic movie panels throughout the day.


Our first spot was the 'The Worlds End' panel moderated by Chris Hardwick. This action-comedy hailing in from the UK, is directed by no other than the funniest British director we know of so far, Edgar Wright, with the starring roles from  Simon Peg and Nick Frost. The movie is the third of a trilogy directed by Edgar Wright and that has been brought together by the ice-cream Cornetto. In the previous two movies (Shaun of the Dead, and Hot Fuzz) one of the main characters is seen to purchase a Cornetto ice-cream with the flavor appropriate for the movie. In 'Shaun of The Dead', the flavor is strawberry, and it represents the blood and gore in the movie; in 'Hot Fuzz', the featuring Cornetto is blue, representing the police element. In 'The World's End', the flavor is mint-chocolate chip, oweing to the aliens and science fiction elements in the movie. The story is about a bunch of friends,with Simons's character being the nuttiest one according to Simon, coming together for a reunion after 20 years and wanting to relive their last pub crawl. The last pub on the list is called The World's End and this is where they discover otherworldly events unfolding. Interestingly enough, as if to mirror the characters in the movie, we find out that Simon, Nick and Edgar go back almost 20 years together. Having been to Comic Con before in 2004, they were surprised by the amount of love they had received from American fans and this was a big motivator to stick to British humour in the movies. 'The World's End' has been released in UK just yesterday and it has already received a 7.7 out of 10 on IMDB and the reviews so far have been pointing at a great, fun movie to watch come August 23 when it gets released in the US.



Our second stop was the Kickstarter funded 'Veronica Mars', the movie version of the teenager TV series that aired for three seasons before being cancelled in 2007. The creator Rob Thomas was there with star Kristen Bell,  Francis Capra, Enrico Colantoni, Percy Daggs III, Jason Dohring, Ryan Hansen, Chris Lowell, Tina Majorino and Krysten Ritter to preview a footage from the movie and answer our questions. The movie revolves around the reunion of Neptune High characters, and Veronica (who is now a lawyer), being thrust back into her private eye days. Thomas gave us a teaser of the movie by saying it 'had an air of Godfather III' while Capra commented on how he did not expect the movie to happen but it was amazing that it did. Turns out all of the cast members were secretly hoping the movie would be shot because there is great chemistry among them. We hear that they didn't even consider it working, it was that much fun. We also find out that the Kickstarter movie was shot in Kristen's house, while they pulled some of the costumes from her garage. Said movie had collected $2,000,000.00 within the first few days. There were even fans on set as the movie was being made. Sounds like a lot of fun! We're looking forward to seeing it sometime in early 2014.




Sometime in theafternoon, we were a part of a third panel from Universal Pictures featuring talent from two of its most highly anticipated movies this summer: 'Kick-Ass 2' and 'Riddick'. In attendance were stars and filmmakers from the action-comedy Kick-Ass 2, and from Riddick the action-adventure's star/producer Vin Diesel (Fast & Furious 6), along with actors Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica) and Dave Bautista (The Man with the Iron Fists) and Riddick's writer/director David Twohy (The Fugitive). 'Kick-Ass 2', directed by Jeff Wadlow, is a sequel to action packed 'Kick-Ass', which features a high-school student as she joins a group of citizens who want to fight crime in costumes. Among the cast introduced first was Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who commented that the movie was a page turner on a whole new level, but was a natural progression from where they left off 4 years ago. On the other hand, Christopher Mintz-Plasse said he was nervous and a bit scared of doing something this intense and dark at first. Turns out his costume gets darker by the minute just like his character (sounds quite exciting to us). In the question and answer part of the panel, there was talk of the main character: Mindy and how the she does not see a difference between her alter ego and her real life, that she must stand for those that need defending. There was also talk of mother Russia and the character search involved with relation to that. John Leguizamo spent the majority of the time working with Christopher, where he plays his assistant. The amount of time and effort taken with the stunt work was also emphasized (yep, we can't wait to see those difficult stunts indeed). When asked if Jeff Wadlow had plans for a Kick Ass 3 movie, he said he was too engrossed in shooting number 2 for the moment and did not have plans for a third as of yet.


Alongside 'Kick-Ass 2' crew and cast were the panels for Vin Diesel's futuristic action movie 'Riddick'. Written and directed by David Twohy who was lasst seen in Comic Con 13 years ago for the second installment of the series 'Pitch Black'. Vin Diesel is joined by Battlestar Galactica's Starbuck, Katee Sackhoff. As if the combination of these two talents on stage wasn't explosive enough, the teasing ensued from David Twohy on choosing the independent route to make the movie brought forth an admiration from the listeners. We were also witness to the source of Vin Diesel's inspiration for his character, from the stories of them working on it in his kitchen, to role playing Dungeon's and Dragon's, to the process of sticking to the mythology behind the story. Last but not least, the one thing that kept both Twohy and Vin Diesel proud was the fact that they stuck to the original feeling of the mythology in 'Pitch Black'. We can't wait to get our greedy eyes on 'Riddick' once it comes out September of this year. 



Now if you've been dying to know what's going to happen in the next season of AMC's 'Walking Dead', you're most definitely not alone. We were ready to get a glimpse of the cast and crew of the show in the packed Hall H today and boy did we get more than what we had hoped for. First things first, does it get crazier next season? The answer is a big fat 'YES' ladies and gentleman. We can barely keep our excitement in check. Needless to say, we were more than happy to see the series stars Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Steven Yeun, Lauren Cohan, Danai Gurira, David Morrissey, Scott Wilson, and Chad Coleman join executive producer and showrunner Scott Gimple along side the rest of the crew to give us the lowdown. First we were taken aback by the teaser trailer unleashed during the panel, then we waited eagerly as mind bending questions were asked one by one so we can find solace in having some of our curiosities quenched at least. What will the Governor do next? Robert Kirkman said all bets were off with his character this season, throwing us into a complete loop into why and how he will return. What about the reasoning behind Rick's insistence to stay in the prison instead of Woodbury? Turns out the answer is coming up soon in the next season. Danai Gurira commented on her character Michonne and hinted that she will have to be less shut down, even though she is very tough and can handle many a thing. While Glen keeps constantly learning and evolving, Maggie just wants to move on a little faster and live in the moment so they don't get caught up in vengeance. We expect the story to produce a very good springboard for a stronger character for Maggie. Herschel has become the moral compass of the group and we were told that 'he just wants to own up to his other leg' and it will be wonderful to see everyone in the group react to that. Chad Colman who plays Tyrese in the upcoming season commented that any actor would want to come in and be among such a high level group of people. On the other hand, David Morrissey spoke on the character of the Governor being in a very dark place in the end of the last season and said that 'he wasn't very rational before all of that, but he wants control of the prison and he had to find a way to control the people who were against him'. Last but not least, our need for more information was definitely confounded when Dania Gurira said 'to expect the unexpected' since apparently we're going to see a whole new community in the upcoming season. 

As if to leave the best to the last, we ended our day with the highly anticipated Game of Thrones panel, with attendance and introduction of characters starting with Peter Dinklage, Richard Madden , John Bradley, Kit Harrington, Rose Lesle. Emilia Clarke and the creator George R.R. Martin. Ofcourse if you're a follower of the show you're sure to expect talk of 'The Red Wedding' dominating at least some part of the discussion. George said that the show's creators decided to kill the characters who were very much alive in the books. Wrapping up the scene to the 'The Red Wedding' left the cast and crew in an emotional state, even though Michelle had read the books and knew where her character was going to end up. Turns out it was quite a tough time for them to let go of their characters and not feel the pain of leaving the show. And even though they dredded the day of the shooting, they were happy that it came out much better than anticipated. On the other hand, Peter Dinklage stated that he refrains from reading the books to see whats going to happen in the future. He mentioned that he would go back and read them once the series is over. And as expected, Kit and Rose referred to the scene where his character walked out on her's and the amount of pain she must have felt at the betrayal, perhaps leaving her wanting to hunt him down for the rest of her life. Among the stars that received an Emmy Nomination in the show that received 16 so far,  was Emilia Clarke, who commented on how powerful and dramatic her character was. And although there were a lot of fans who had read the books before watching the series, their loyalty was made proof by the way they kept Robb Stark's death a secret all through the way. We're very happy to report that we also saw Jason Momoa hop on the stage with a huge applause and quickly went off just as he came. The upcoming season will most definitely be an enthralling one since the death of the Stark's is bound to leave a huge impact on the rest of the story line.


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Comic Con 2013 – Day 1- Panels

Posted on 18 July 2013 by Anisa

Here we are dear readers, on the steps of the years biggest movie, comics and tv event: Comic Con, San Diego. What a lovely weather we had here today, mild 80's and partly cloudy for most of the day. We started off the event with a lot of crowd watching for cos-players, costume lovers and caught a glimpse of this giant robot that looked like something out of an Ironman movie. No surprise here, since the guys that built this 9.5 foot, 400 pound aluminum monster, were the same people behind the Ironman and Pacific Rim armor costumes. Kudos to the Stan Winston School and Legacy Effects studio for the jaw dropping awesome work. 


After a whole lot of waiting and excitement, we finally made it inside where we witnessed the unveiling of one of this years hottest movies: Ender's Game and a similarly dystopian futuristic flick: Divergent thats set to hit the silver screen in March 2014.
Before the movie panels, we started off with the Entertainment Weekly's Visionaries Panel in which hosted three directors, 'The Amazing Spider Man' director Marc Webb,  director of  action packed comedies like 'Hot Fuzz' and 'Shaun of The Dead' Edgar Wright and the Mexican director Alfonso Cuaron who is best known for his futuristic 'Children of Men'. The thing that hit us most in the panel is how much great chemistry there was between the three directors. They began the panel by sharing stories of their Comic Con adventures and then discussed their most recent works respectively. Alfonso Cuaron introduced his latest 'Gravity' which stars George Clooney and Sandra Bullock, who play two astronauts stranded in space. He explained the difficulties in shooting a movie in zero gravity and the amount of work put into it. Apparently, one needs a hand created system to pull that off. On the other hand, he commented that working with Sandra and George was nothing but 'trouble' since they'd go around trying to imitate his accent. When asked if they were doing a good job of that, he responded with: 'they sucked! they kept trying to make me Cuban not Mexican!' Well, we shall definitely keep that in mind next time we try to imitate your accent Mr. Cuaron. 

Marc Webb, who is directing The Amazing Spider Man 2 and is due to release sometime in May 2014, spoke about the difficulties in shooting flying scenes in the movie, (we anticipate a lot of flying scenes at this point), and was quoted as saying that 'antagonists are a foil to get different emotions out of a character'. He was referring to the way Electro brought out in Peter Parker, the need to empathize with those he doesn't generally empathize with. Earlier, we had watched a 40 second teaser trailer on Electro and it features Jamie Foxx in a not so sexy costume talking about how he feels electricity in the walls. 

As for the latest work coming out of director Edgar Wright, we found a lot of humor and energy as he discussed the fight scenes and stunts involved in shooting 'The Worlds End' an action-comedy flick set in the UK. The movie features 5 friends who are hell bent on reliving their historical pub crawl from years back, and in the process find themselves mankind's only hope for survival. Wright sheepishly admitted to giving Simon Pegg and Martin Freeman the most difficult stunts due to the fact that they were older, and much less willing to pull them off (we hope you were joking Edgar). We were told  to expect many fighting scenes and especially those involved with Nick Frost. Thanks Edgar! We shall definitely keep a look out for those once the movie comes out in 23rd of August this year. 
The directors panel gave way to one of the most anticipated movie panels in Comic Con this year: 'Divergent'. Based on the 2011 novel by Veronica Roth, first of a trilogy, the story is set in a dystopian Chicago which has been walled and is inhabited by 5 factions. The heroine is Tris, a teenager who has been given a choice to choose between the factions after taking an aptitude test. Although changing factions is a no-no, Tris finds herself compelled to leave her faction and join another, where she falls for an older man. The movie is directed by Neil Burger, and casts starts like Kate Winslet and Theo James along side Shailene Woodley who plays Tris. We were informed in the panel that the movie finished shooting just two days ago while Veronica Roth completed the last book in the trilogy during the shooting of the movie. 'Divergent' is due to hit the theatres in March of 2014 and will be one of those movies you will not want to miss definitely.

Now we were already having a lot of fun with the previous panels but we had one more to go before the day was up and that's the movie 'Ender's Game' hitting the theaters this year. Directed by Gavin Wood and produced by Robert Orci, is a futuristic movie set 70 years after a horrific alien invasion of Earth. The story tells of an unusually gifted child by the name of Ender who is being sent to military school to train for the next alien invasion. The movie is based on the 1985 novel by Scott Orson Card, that has won 3 NPR awards for best Sci-Fi seller and stars Asa Butterfield from 'Hugo' as Ender, and Harrison Ford as his tutor Commander Hyrum Graff. In the panel, hosted by Chris Chadwick, we were introduced to the actors, shown a clip from the movie and discussed the challenges in directing the movie that Scott Orson Card had commented years ago as being 'unfilmable'. Gavin Wood commented on the fact that he loved the environment the story was set in, and the complex stories interwoven by the character's personalities. But according to Wood, perhaps the greatest challenge was to capture the battle of good and evil that takes place in each character of the story. These sentiments were echoed with Harrison Ford's comments on the complexity of morality in his character and it being the reason he decided to take the role in the first place. Needless to say, we are looking forward to seeing this heralded novel cast upon the silver screen this November 1st. 

As you can see dear readers we had good fun and lots of insider information on the hard work of these wonderful people. We can't wait to dig ourselves into a couch and buttered up popcorn when the time comes to watch these movies. 

Thats all for now. Keep reading on what we find tomorrow as Comic Con continues in all its epic glory. 

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MERLIN panel

Posted on 15 July 2012 by Amber

Today we were at Comic-con to see the MERLIN panel. MERLIN returns for a fifth season this winter on the Syfy channel.

On the panel are the Executive Producers (Johnny Capps and Julian Murphy) as well as Colin Morgan, Katie McGrath and Angel Coulby.

In season five the show jumps three years allowing the characters to develop a bit between seasons.  This year they also focus on more story lines to give the show a more adult feel. Merlin becomes more of a man and Arthur is on his way to becoming king.


Angel shared that it has been exciting to see her character Gwen, grow although she always knew that she had the Queen in her.  Katie shared that she feels Morgana isn't evil but is a misunderstood hero. Watch out for a juicy storyline between Morgana and Gwen.


Colin shared that Merlin really crossed over into being a man at the end of season 4 and it progresses even further for season 5.  Colin shared that "he gives as much as he gets" this season.

Julian Murphy shared that you can expect more great guest stars this season. We also saw a sneak peek of a new Merlin game on Facebook.  Johnny and Julian shared that they were involved in the creation of the game and that it was important to make sure story was allowed to develop along with the game.

Also, look for exclusive footage on the MERLIN YouTube channel which is launching today!


We saw a lot of exclusive footage of gag reels and a sneak peek of season 5. The last line of the footage was "Camelots great trial has begun."

Some things we learned during audience Q&A: Mordred will be back in season 5.  Merlin was always lonely during the legends, and that is one of his obstacles and the love he has had ended badly. So in other words, no love interest in the works for Merlin.  Morgana's costume won't change much in season 5.  We will see more of the white dragon in season 5.

Hope you enjoyed and we apologize greatly for any spelling mistakes, this article was posted from a phone!

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Disney Panels – LIVE BLOG – Frankenweenie, Oz, Wreck-It Ralph

Posted on 12 July 2012 by Amber

Please check back here at 2:05pm today (Thursday) as we live blog from the Disney panels in Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con!


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