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Daily filming locations in New York, Los Angeles and Michigan for December 18

Posted on 18 December 2009 by David

Filming Locations are listed for Michigan, New York,  and Los Angeles.  If you have any other filming locations or are curious about a location send us an email at or just write it below
Los Angeles Filming Locations

Scream Queen 2 will be filming today and tomorrow at 1317 Willow Street in Los Angeles from 8am til 10pm

Rex is not your Lawyer is filming on location in Los Angeles at 535 S. Grand Ave from 6am til 5am

Castle is filming on location in Los Angeles at 210 S. Spring from 12pm til 2am



New York Filming Locations

White Collar has filming location Signs that are posted on 58th between Park and Lexington, NYC, 5am-11pp

The Other Guys will be filming at Marcy Armory, Brooklyn.

Gossip Girl: Filming at same location, on 20th between 10th & 11th, NYC
Thanks OLV for the Filming Locations!!

Michigan Filming Locations

The movie Cedar Rapids is filming at the Clarion Hotel at 2900 Jackson Rd, they temporarily have the hotel named the Royal Cedar for the movie.  They are there through the 18th filming.   I received information that they are wrapping up this week. 


Still waiting for information for The Gun starring 50-cent and Val Kilmer. The information available stated filming would start in Grand Rapids, Mi in December.  Information is extremly light. 




We are always looking for upcoming movie location tips, if you have information for things that are filming or will be filming, or
if you see filming permit signs just send us an email and we will get it listed.  you can email us at or
just comment below.

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Daily filming locations for December 8

Posted on 07 December 2009 by David

Los Angeles Filming Locations

In Pasadena Criminal Minds is filming on location at 2632 E. Washington Bl. (St. Lukes)

The Antonio Treatment is filming in Los Angeles at 3908 W Sunset Bl from 7am til 10pm

Convergence is filming in Los Angeles on location today at 821 Traction Ave from 7am til 8pm

Rex Is Not Your Lawyer is filming on location in Los Angeles at 801 S Figueroa St. from 10am til 9pm

A film called Beginners is filming at 1333 Willow St in LA from 7am til 10pm

Cupid is filming at Palmetto St and Mateo St and Sante Fe from 7am til 6pm in Los Angeles

Scream Queens 2 is filming in Los Angeles at Parking Lot under the 4th St Bridge @ Santa Fe Ave from 7am til 10pm



Michigan Filming Locations

Red Dawn is continuing to shoot at the Kmart Headquarters in Troy.

I got an email that Trust, which is filming in the Ann Arbor/Plymouth area has ten days of filming to go.
Looking for information that people may have.

Also heard that Cedar Rapids also filming in the Ann Arbor area has about 2 weeks to go of filming.

“The Gun” starring 50-cent and Val Kilmer should be starting soon in Grand Rapids.

A year in Moorning starring Josh Lucas is currently filming up in the Traverse City area and various
locations in Northern Michigan

New York Filming Locations

The Adjustment Bureau (starring Matt Damon & Emily Blunt):  Filming near Madison Square Park,
signs on Madison Ave between 23rd and 25th St, also up on 24th St between Madison Ave and Park Ave, NYC.

Black Swan (new movie starring Natalie Portman) is filming on location in New York at the area of E 11th and 3rd Ave

Louie (new Louis CK series): Filming around Green St and Manhattan Ave in Brooklyn.

Rescue Me in is New York City on location Filming in the vicinity of 11th St and 37th Ave.

Gossip Girl is in New York Filming around CPW and 76th again in New York City

Thanks OLV for the New York locations

“It’s kind of a funny story” will be filming in Windsor Terrace from 5am til 2am


If anyone has information other than what is listed or if you have information for a film that is being made in your area,
let us know.  always looking for more information to share with others!!  write it below or send an email to

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