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Scream 4 Location Pictures In Livonia – June 30

Posted on 30 June 2010 by David

Mike S.  has been in Livonia at the Court House all day.  That is awesome.  Thanks for getting us pictures!!  If we get more in, we will post them here also. If you have pictures from today, or maybe even a different film all together just send them to

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All the trailers in the back of the courthouse

Prop police cars with the words Woodsboro Police on the side

This was the sign right at the entrance to the courthouse. In the background in the actual courthouse where filming is occuring.

Sign on the way to the filming location. It was at the corner of Schoolcraft Rd and Farmington Rd off of I-96 in Livonia.

Same equipment just closer up – black screen and flood lights set up
on the walkway leading to the courthouse.

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