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Take A Road Trip This Halloween To The Scream 4 Filming Locations In Michigan

Posted on 26 October 2012 by David

It's almost Halloween.   What a better way to celebrate the season then to take a road trip to the filming location of a scary movie.

This year, we recommend a trip to Michigan and visit the sets and filming locations of Scream 4, which was filmed in the Ann Arbor and Detroit area.  We have put together a comprehensive list of the filming locations that were used for the film.

We hope you have a great time!! Happy Halloween!!

Scream 4 filmed in Northville on Lake Street between Grace and Horton.

Scream 4 filmed in Northville at private residence at 19223 Clement Road and 19260 Clement Road.

They filmed the book signing scene at Next Chapter Bookstore and Bistro located at 141 E. Main Street in Northville

Scream 4 filmed in Ann Arbor at a private residence at 1781 Arlington Blvd. 

They filmed exterior driving scenes at Burns Park around Bedford Road and Arlington Blvd.

Scream 4 filmed Burns Park area of Ann Arbor at 1005 and 1007 Lincoln Street.

Scream 4 filmed at 9980 Saline Waterworks for the Barn Party Scene

Scream 4 filmed in Dexter the address is 2375 Bishop Circle West.  They filmed in the warehouse.

Scream 4 filmed in Detroit at the old Hutzel Womens Hosptital the hospital scenes at 3980 John R Street in Detroit

They decorated the park and area and filmed in Plymouth, MI at Kellogg Park

They used the middle school in Dearborn Michigan as the Highschool. The address is 4951 Ternes Street

Scream 4 filmed at the old 16th District court in Livonia.  The address is 33000 Civic Center Drive.
This was used at the Police Station

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