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UPDATE “Pirates of the Caribbean 4” Set Photos with Johnny Depp on Oahu in Hawaii August 07th/08th

Posted on 07 August 2010 by Joey DC

Thanks a lot to Whitney Eileen for sharing her fantastic “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” set photos with us. She stopped by on set in Kaneohe Bay on Oahu in Hawaii just a few hours ago and even got to shake Johnny Depp’s aka Jack Sparrow’s hand. That’s what she had to say about her exciting encounter with the coolest pirate and exceptional actor.

He’s an incredible, nice individual! He made sure to shake everyone’s hand and thanked people for coming out. We weren’t allowed to take individual pictures or have him sign autographs but oh well. How many normal people can say they met and shook hands with Johnny Depp? Ummm… not very many. I about fainted when he touched my hand and smiled at me! One of the best nights of my life, hands down!

Jack Sparrow shaking hands with thrilled fans

UPDATE: Whitney Eileen went to the same set again on August 08th, and got to meet Mr. Sparrow for the second time as well as got an autograph by producer Jerry Bruckheimer.

We were told by the crew that this IS the Queen Revenge’s ship and NOT the Black Pearl. Apparently, the Black Pearl was turned into the Queen’s Revenge.”

He made sure to shake everyone’s hand and carried on conversations with people, kids included. You can tell he truly cares about his fans!!

Thank you Whitney Eileen for sharing your awesome experiences and truly rare moments with Jack Sparrow with us!

Don’t forget to share yours if you happen to stop by on set. Just send an email to and proper credits will be given. We are always glad and very thankful to receive set photos and videos.

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