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Wes Craven To Film Scream 4 At Old Court House In Livonia Michigan Through August

Posted on 29 June 2010 by David


If you are in Livonia,  be on the look out for Production Crews.  Especially in the area of the old 16th District Court.  Of course they are being tight-lipped, not even giving the name of the production or when filming will occur.

“The company has agreed to return the courthouse to its original configuration once shooting is completed. For now, crews have entered the building and transformed an office area into a room that resembles the inside of a police station, Kirksey said.”

The type of shadow games that the producers have been playing, I wouldnt be suprised if filming occured there within the week.  If you go out there, or live out there, would love to hear from you.   We need eyes on this one!!

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