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Los Angeles, Boston, and Chicago Filming Locations for March 25

Posted on 24 March 2010 by David

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Los Angeles Filming Locations
Glory Days is  filming in Los Angeles at 753 S. Spring Street from March 23 through the 25th between 11am til 1am

Most Likely to Succeed is filming on location at 929 E. 2nd Street on March 24 and 25
from 6am til 11pm.  On the 25th they are filming at 912 E 3rd St from 4pm til 1am.

The Fox TV show 24 is filming in LA at 610 S. Main St on March 24 and 25
from 7am til 10pm

Hung is filming on location in Los Angeles at 515 S Rimpau Blvd from 7am til 12am

Castle is filming in LA at 601 W 5th Street from 7am til 12am

NCIS:LA will be filming on location in Los Angeles on the 25 and 26 at 630 S Broadway.  On the 25th they are filming from 12pm til 10pm,
and on the 26th they are filming from 6am til 12am.  On the 25th they are also filming at  111 S. Grand Ave from 6am til 4pm

Killers is filming at 202 W. 1st St in Los Angeles on March 25 from 7am til 10pm

20th Century Fox Television show Traffic Light is filming in Los Angeles at 253 S Broadway from 9am til 12:30am


New York filming locations

We got an email tonight for two tv shows filming in the New York area.

Damages is filming in the Brooklyn Heights area at Willow and Cranberry Street

“There were signs noticed in the area of the Park Avenue Armory for Boardwalk Empire in New York City” ~Thanks Rachel for the info

We just got an email from “T” about Rescue Me.  Let us know they are filming in Brooklyn at the area of Metropolitan Avenue and Bedford. If you are in the area check it out.  Thanks “T”!!


Chicago Filming Locations

Matadors is filming from the 13th through the 30th.
If you have filming locations let us know.

Update:  Looks like the filming trucks are in the area of Wabash and Monroe

This week Matadors was filming in the area of Washington and Michigan Ave.  in Chicago.
They are probably still in the area.   If they are in a different area write it below, or send
an email to



Boston, MA Filming Locations

“Quinn-Tuplets” started filming in Boston on the 23rd and wil go through the 31st.
If you are in Boston, and know exactly where filming is located, send us an email
and we will update our information

Update:  The 23rd and 24th they will be filming in Lowell.

Crews are now setting up shop in Lowell on Wednesday, March 24 and Thursday, March 25 on Pawtucket St. near the UMass-Lowell campus.

Update:  We received information that filming for “Quinn-Tuplets” was occuring in Newton Center, on a residential street off of Beacon street
Wed Afternoon.

Shreveport,  LA Filming Locations

Friday, February 26, 8:00 PM to Saturday, March 27, 3:00 AM
Interruptions of traffic on Milam Street between Louisiana Ave and Common Street

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Filming Locations in Los Angeles, New York, and Michigan for the week of January 4th

Posted on 03 January 2010 by David

Happy New Year!!  The filming locations below are filming locations for Los Angeles, New York and Michigan over this week.  As we get more filming locations in, we will post them!!


Los Angeles Filming Locations

On January 5th Therapy is filming on location in Los Angeles at the area of 1275 E 6th St  from 9am til 5pm and 1936 E 7th St
from 5pm til 10pm.

On January 6th Castle is filming in Los Angeles on location at 525 S. Flower Street from 7am til 2pm

For those who are into the Power Rangers a commercial is being filmed at 1018 N. Mar Vista Av

On January 7th Before the After is filming on location in Los Angeles at 929 E 2nd St from 7am til 4am

Cold Case is filming in LA at 985 S Seaside Ave from 5am til 12am.

Dinner for Schmucks is filming in Los Angeles on January 8th from 12pm til 6am at 218 W 3rd St


Michigan Filming Locations

Gun starring 50-cent and Val Kilmer is filming in Grand Rapids.   If you have any specific information and filming locations let us know!! As we get new information in, we will update
New York Filming Locations

Law and Order: CI will be filming on location in New York Tuesday, January 5th  on Astoria Place.  Here is the sign of the Permit.

Law and Order: SVU will be filming on location in NYC, also the 5th at 3rd Ave and 24th.

Update: On January 8th Gossip Girl is filming around W14th and 9th on location in New York City


We are always looking for upcoming movie location tips, if you have information for things that are filming or will be filming, or
if you see filming permit signs just send us an email and we will get it listed.  you can email us at or just comment below.

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Filming locations for movies and tv shows for Nov 18

Posted on 18 November 2009 by David

Below are todays daily filming locations with locations in Los Angeles, New York,  and filming locations in Michigan

Los Angeles Filming Locations

The Mission is filming at 465 Arroyo Pkwy S in Pasadena.

Cold Case is filming in Los Angeles on location between Broadway and Main Streeet at 11th
from 9am til 3pm

Lie to Me is filming at 801 S. Figueroa Street in Los Angeles on location from 6am til 5pm

Land of the Astronauts is filming in Los Angeles at 617 S. Olive Street from 7am til 10pm

Michigan fiming locations.


For those in Ann Arbor, that interested in being cast in a short film:
“Argus3, an Ann Arbor-based film company, recently announced that casting is under way for a short film titled, “George and Chloris.”
The film predominantly features older actors, and shooting will take place in January.

“George”‘s plot focuses on Chloris, a well-known perfume maker. Her perfume is so coveted that she must keep her perfume protected within her
shop. When her neighbor and lifelong admirer, George, unknowingly steals her sense of smell, he stumbles upon the key to making her extraordinary
perfume. A quirky and witty adventure unfolds as Chloris searches for her lost sense.

Visit for character breakdowns, descriptions, and the film company’s contact information.

Cedar Rapids starring Ed Helms and Anne Heche was filming at the airport in Ann Arbor Monday.
They could be still filming today.  if we get any new information, or if you have information for filming let us know!!

Trust is filming in the Ann Arbor/Dexter area.  They were fiming in the Dexter High School.
This week Trust is filming in Plymouth. Church Street from Penniman to Harvey will be closed to all traffic except for residents
from noon-midnight on Wednesday.

In addition, westbound Penniman from Harvey to Church is expected to be closed between 1 and 4 p.m. Wednesday.
3pm Thursday through Friday Morning at 4am, the streets are also expected to be closed.
A Year in Mooring starring Josh Lucas is currently being shot in various locations in Northern Michigan mostly in Traverse City, Michigan.

The film with Wesley Snipes, Game of Death was being filmed on Tuesday in Dowtown Detroit. The trucks are parked on Congress  near Griswold.

For Red Dawn they are  filming in Grand Ledge, Michigan at Fitzgerald Park this week through the 20th.


New York Filming Locations

The Romantics: Filming at a private residence in Sothold, Long Island.

Rescue Me: Filming around S 4th St and Berry St, Brooklyn, New York

Gossip Girl: Signs spotted at 63rd and Central Park W, NYC (New York City)
Signs also spotted outside the Silvercup Studio yesterday through November 20.

Boardwalk Empire: Filming at same location in Greenpoint, Brooklyn (around Commercial and Franklin.)

Thanks OLV for the  New York Tips!!

If  anyone has any filming information they want to share, just write it below!! or you can send an email to

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