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“What’s wrong with Virginia” Filming

Posted on 29 September 2009 by David

Im in the early stages of gathering information about the filming of the movie “What’s wrong with Virginia” that stars Ed Harris and Jennifer Connelly.  Filming is going to occur in Holland, Mi and starts on September 28th.

Trying to gather information, whether people are extra’s in the movie, locations, dates and times.  If you have any information you can post here, or email us at and we will post the information.

Updated September 22nd We have received word, that filming will occur one day in October at the Grand Haven City Hall, for about six hours. the specific date is supposed to determined later this week.

Update September 23rd.  I received an email and it stated that What’s wrong with Virginia is filming on the north side of Holland and it’s going to be filming for 5 weeks.

Updated September 24th

Locations have been discovered, for at least a part of the filming of the movie.  

There is a beach house on Quincy Street in Holland that will be use,  Quincy will be closed in 15-minute segments from 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. on weekdays, with closures to be monitored by the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Department, between 142nd and 144th avenues so scenes can be shot in a house on Quincy.

Closures will be in effect until Oct 12

 UPDATE: Just got an email featuring a story in The Holland Sentinel. Includes a picture of the house. The address of at least one of the houses, if not the main house on Quincy is 14227 Quincey.

 The Grand Haven City Hall (as previously noted), Lemon Fresh Dry Cleaning.

The location for Lemon Fresh Dry Cleaning, since there are four  is 402 E 8th St, Holland, MI

 The five weeks of filming starts Monday and includes 30 locations spanning the West Michigan coast from South Haven to Grand Haven.

Just received an email (Thanks Dan) that a friend of his served coffee to Jennifer Connelly.  The actors are definetly in Holland.  He also stated they were examing houses in Waukazoo Woods.   If anyone can verify film production crews or filming permits (signs) that would be awesome.

Updated September 28 I received this email this afternoon.  Its more specific information, as far as the road closings.  For those who want to view the filming of “What’s wrong with Virginia?” The closing of Quincy between 142nd and 144th for the days of September 29th and 30th, October 1st,2nd,5th,6th,7th,8th,9thand 12th.  The road is to be closed for short durations of 15 minutes or so while they are filming and then it will be open while they get ready for the next scene.  The county sheriff will be closing the road for these periods.  They will be filming from about 7:30am to 7:30pm.

UPDATE for October 13: “What’s up with Virginia?” is in zeeland, the house is on central off the corner of state street. the big gold ’set’ signs can’t be missed!

Update for October 19: 

On Monday the 19th What’s wrong with Virginia is filming at Oval Beach in Saugatuck.

On Tuesday the 20th What’s wrong with Virginia is filming at Central Park Grocery Store on south shore drive from 6am til 2pm.

Update for October 21:

What’s Wrong with Virginia will be filming on location in Grand Haven, Michigan and Spring lake at Felix’s, Flotos Gifts, and the Holiday Inn.

You can post statements below, or email at

we also have a group for “What’s wrong with Virginia?” on facebook.

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Filming Locations for September 25

Posted on 25 September 2009 by David

Law and Order:SVU will be filming at W 130th between Lenox and 5th, New York City from 6am to 2 am.

The Other Guys is filming around Henry St and Rutgers St.

The Adjustment Bureau is filming at St Vincent Medical Center on W 12th St between 6th and 7th in Manhattan.
On Monday they are filming at the Top of the Rock, Rockefeller Plaza.

Nurse Jackie is filming at Baruch College and Signs also spotted on 25th and 3rd in New York City.

Wall Street 2 is filming around 5th Ave and W 56th, New York City. On Saturday  September 26,  They are filming around Citigroup Center at 53rd and Lexington all day.

Rescue Me is filming  in the vicinity of Gates and Downing, in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.

Thanks to Christine for these great tips!!

On Friday afternoon, Sept. 25 Coopers Beach in South Hampton will be the film site of scenes for Sex in the City 2.  (Thanks Meagan!!)  

ABC TV Show Brothers & Sisters 80 Oakland Av in Pasadena

Fox TV Show Bones is shooting at 45 N. San Gabriel Bl in Pasadena

Want to check out an HP Commercial?  They are shooting at 919 La Loma Rd in Pasadena.

K-Mart like a lot of people is already preparing for Christmas. They are shooting a christmas commercial at 1234 Wellington Ave in Pasadena.

Wichita starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz will be filming in Bridgewater, MA today from 3 p.m. to 5 a.m.   For more information check it out here.

The Town starring Ben Affleck will be shooting again in Fenway Park. If you didn’t see we posted their shooting schedule for the first two weeks in October!!

We did hear, that for the movie “Alleged” that they shoot 5 days a week, and will be shooting for 21 days total.  90% of the filming will occur at the before mentioned Cross Roads Village.

The Zoo Keeper starring Kevin James, is filming their wedding scene through the 25th in Boston, at the Boston Public Garden.
For Red Dawn They will be working on transforming the area in Downtown Pontiac, MI along Saginaw Street, just North of Huron into a movie set depicting Spokane, Wa

Plans are to close that stretch of roadway, and possibly adjacent blocks beginning Sept. 17 between Lafayette and University Street, which won’t reopen it until the first week of October. Actual filming is tentatively planned for Sept. 24 to Oct. 4 from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. 
Another  location will be on Saginaw Street, south of Huron and between Lawrence and Pike streets.
The main location will be Main Street Pawn Shop, at 20 N. Saginaw, an alley behind it and a building next to it at 28 North Saginaw.

It is expected that the closing of Saginaw Street will only be needed during the filming dates “for safety concerns” til Oct. 1.

Check out our latest pictures and videos in our fan area from the Downtown Pontiac Set. Looks awesome!!

“What’s wrong with Virginia?” starts really soon in Holland, MI.  They start shooting on Sept 28.  Check out our Update page for this particular movie.  If you have more information, or more specific knowledge. Please share, we are trying to gather as much as possible.

Twilight Eclipse is filming today at Bella’s House in Surrey.

If you know about any other movie that is being made let us know, either use our tip page, email us at or just leave a comment below!!

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Films in production in Michigan – August 2009

Posted on 04 August 2009 by David

In Production in Michigan

Daisy Tells a Secret – One of Us Films, LLC
The Next Great Mission – 45 North Productions, Inc.
Flipped – East of Doheny
Wooden Boats – Wooden Boat Productions, LLC
Jump Shipp – Dot&Cross, LLC
Trivial Pursuits – 3,4 Women Productions
Meltdown – Meltdown Productions, LLC
The Genesis Code – American Saga Productions, LLC
Red Dawn – Wolverine Productions Delaware, LLC

Update on August 10, 2009

TicTock Studios just announced an open casting call Saturday for “What’s Wrong with Virginia,” a drama starring Ed Harris and Jennifer Connelly that will shoot in West Michigan in late September.

From the TicTock press release:

We are seeking: Real looking people of all shapes and sizes Ages 18 and up Union/Non-Union Non-actors welcomeOf particular interest: 18+ year olds who can play younger, Male and Female Caucasian – principle roles

Speaking parts are available for the following:
Caucasian Females, ages 18-60
Caucasian Males, ages 18-95
Korean Female, age 50-70
African American Male, age 60-70
African American Female, age 40-50
Asian American Male, age 40-50

The casting call will take place:
Saturday, August 15, 2009
3PM – 6PM
11172 Adams St, Holland, Michigan
(Corner of Adams/16th St. and Country Club Rd., parking in rear of building)
Please bring proof of age!

Note: This is an OPEN casting call – there will be NO auditions. Selected people will be invited back for an audition at a later date.

Ed Harris has replaced Liam Neeson in “What’s Wrong with Virginia.”


The casting call is being hosted by Michigan Casting Services, part of TicTock. Actors can register in the MCS database at


These Movies are in production in various areas of Michigan.
Whether its Ann Arbor, Detroit, Northern Michigan, or Western Michigan.

If we can get more specific information about times and locations we will share.

If you get any pics of any of these films, or you can get tips for
other movies being made, send them our way and we will share the information
if others want to stop by for a visit and see what is going on.

Update September 1

Look at our link, which includes information on Red Dawn remake filming locations.

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