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Daily filming locations for Nov 3rd

Posted on 03 November 2009 by David

Daily filming locations for movies and tv shows

Filming Locations for Los Angeles


Dinner for Schmuck’s is filming on location in Los Angeles at 1317 Willow St from nov 3 through the 6th, from 6am til 6am

The Mission is filming in Pasadena on location at 465 Arroyo Pkwy S

Inception (Oliver’s arrow) is filming at 215 Grand Ave S. in Los Angeles. If anyone can get pictures that would be awesome!!


Filming Locations for Michigan

What’s Wrong with Virginia was heading back to Holland.
They may be filming more at the house.  If anyone has information
let us know.

Red Dawn was Filming early Monday morning, in Detroit’s New Center Area. Milwaukee & Second Ave.
just outside the Michigan State Police Detroit Post. More vehicular carnage. Probably still there

‘Cedar Rapids’ starring Anne Heche and Ed Helms (The Office and The Hangover), is crewing up this week for filming in Ann Arbor.  If anyone has information about this, that would be great!!

Faye Dunaway master class filming in belle isle (Thanks Linda)

The “Vanishing on 7th Avenue” (according to the security guys)  is filming right now in Detroit, on the same set location as Red Dawn (Griswald and Michigan). It is now moving to Greektown and later somewhere on I-75. Saw Hayden Christiansen this morning getting filmed. (Thanks Andrew)

As usual, if you have any filming locations let us know below, or send us an email at


Filming Locations for Boston

“The Social Network” is filming at “Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland beginning Monday, Nov. 2 and Tuesday, Nov. 3 between 6-10 p.m.
Filming is slotted to continue in the wee hours after 10 p.m.” Thanks LoadedGunBoston

Knight & Day (Wichita) crews are setting up shop in the Maverick Square section of East Boston near Sumner and New streets
here. Production is slotted to continue in the LoPresti Park area, also known as North Ferry Park, until Thursday, Nov. 5.

“The Town” will return to Melrose where crews plan to film at a former MASSBank branch located at 476 Main St. and W. Foster Street.


Filming Locations for New York

Law and Order is filming on location at W. 27th between 10th and 11th Avenues in New York City

The Beaver is filming on location1133 Westchester Ave, White Plains, NY.

The Other Guys is filming on location 80 Centre St at Worth St in NYC

Law and Order: CI is filming on location White and Church Sts in NYC
White Collar is filming on location Washington and W 11th in New York City

The Adjustment Bureau is filming on location at 1 Margaret Corbin Dr, Washington Heights.

Law and Order: SVU has Signs on 71st and Columbus Ave, NYC 7 am-1 pm. Signs also spotted near W 59th and 9th in New York City

How To Make It In America: W 174th-W 182nd & Wadsworth Ave in New York City

Thanks OLV for the New York Locations!!


Filming in Vancouver

Fringe is filming at 800 block of Great Northern Way for the next two weeks. Massive tents and CDC Trucks scatter the front entrance. (THanks YVRFilm)


Filming in Spokane, Wa

For the movie, The Big Bang currently filming in Spokane I heard they will be filming at the old YMCA pool (the building by the river in the middle of Riverfront Park)

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