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Daily Filming Locations for January 14

Posted on 14 January 2010 by David

Filming Locations listed are for Los Angeles, New York, Michigan, Maui and  Shreveport, LA For January 13.  If you know of any other filming locations or are looking for locations just write them below or email to

Los Angeles Filming Locations

Parks and Recreations is filming on location in Los Angeles at 1757 N. Lake Ave

Justified is filming in Pasadena at 77 W. Walnut Street

Dex Media is filming at S. Central Ave and Towne Ave from 3pm til 3am in Los Angeles

Thor is filming at Raleigh Studios in Manhatten Beach, California

CSI New York is on location in Los Angeles filming from the 13th through the 15th at
710 S. Grand Ave from 5am til 10pm

Chicago Filming locations

The Showtimes Series Shameless with William H. Macy is filming today on location at the area of 39th and Michigan Avenue in Chicago.   If anyone is down there, or gets pics let us know and we will post them!!



New York Filming Locations

 Damages is filming on Front Street in Brooklyn


Michigan Filming Locations

Gun Starring 50 cent and Val Kilmer was looking for extras on Wednesday for 25 people.
They should be filming at Club Sixx today or tomorrow as their next location.
If anyone has new information, let us know!!


Maui, Hawaii

According to the website, the movie HereAfter is filming. This movie stars Matt Damon.
Is it me, or is this guy everywhere.  He should be starting on the movie True Grit soon in Austin, Texas

Shreveport, LA Filming Locations

The film Super is filming this week.  It should be the last week of filming.  The film
stars Kevin Bacon, Rainn Wilson, and Ellen Page.  Filming on Wed was occuring at 12250 Ellerbe Road.
They May still be there.

Just received a few email updates for the movie Super.  Sounds like they are filming at the Self Storage Facility located at  8221 Jewella tonight.  If any one can get some pics that would be awesome.  Let us know what you see!!

We are always looking for upcoming movie location tips, if you have information for things that are filming or will be filming, or if you see filming permit signs just send us an email and we will get it listed. 
you can email us at or just comment below.

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Daily filming locations for December 9

Posted on 09 December 2009 by David

Filming Locations are listed for Michigan, New York,  Chicago and Los Angeles.  If you have any other filming locations or are curious about a location send us an email at or just write it below.

Los Angeles Filming Locations:

Beginners is filming at 1333 willow in Los Angeles from 7am til 10pm

Nine is filming at 961 Broxton Ave from 6pm til 9pm on location in Los Angeles

CSI: New York is filming on location in Los Angeles at 124 W. 4th Street, Harlem Place and 4th, Harlem Place and 5th Street. Filming is from 11pm to 11pm

Numb3rs is filming in Los Angeles on location at 506 S. Grand Ave from 7am til 10pm

Brothers and Sisters from ABC Studios is filming on location in Los Angeles from 3am til 3pm at 550 S. Flower Street, Hope Street, Wilshire BLVD North to end

Lancia Y is filming on location at Grand Ave and 1st in Los Angeles from 9am til 1pm




Michigan Filming Locations:

Red Dawn is continuing to shoot at the Kmart Headquarters in Troy. Thursday is the last day of filming.

I got an email that Trust, which is filming in the Ann Arbor/Plymouth area has ten days of filming to go.
Looking for information that people may have.

Also heard that Cedar Rapids also filming in the Ann Arbor area has about 2 weeks to go of filming.

“The Gun” starring 50-cent and Val Kilmer should be starting soon in Grand Rapids.

A year in Moorning starring Josh Lucas is currently filming up in the Traverse City area and various
locations in Northern Michigan


Chicago Filming Locations:

Still looking for filming information for the Last Rites of Joe May that has started filming this week in Chicago!!


New York Filming Locations:
Black Swan (new movie starring Natalie Portman): E 11th and 3rd Ave, NYC

The Other Guys (starring Mark Wahlberg & Will Ferrell): Marcy Armory, Brooklyn

Law and Order:” SVU is filming on W 43rd Street between 8th and 9th, Manhattan

Thanks OLV for the New York Locations

“It’s kind of a funny story” will be filming in Windsor Terrace from 5am til 2am

If anyone has information other than what is listed or if you have information for a film that is being made in your area,
let us know.  always looking for more information to share with others!!  write it below or send an email to

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50 cent and Val Kilmer start soon on “The Gun” in Grand Rapids

Posted on 02 December 2009 by David




50 Cent and Val Kilmer will be starring in the Gun.  50 Cent’s movie company Cheeta Vision Films has inked a deal with Action Jackson Films to produce and finance 3-5 major films a year. The first planned movie is The Gun which was written by 50 himself. Shooting will begin this month in Grand Rapids, Michigan with Jesse Terro directing.

Filming updated information for December 24:   Filming starts on December 27(Sunday) The Gun” is slated to shoot in several local warehouses — including the former Lear Corp. building on Alpine Avenue — as well as restaurants, bars and hotels, and some outdoor scenes on the streets.

Update for December 28: “Gun,” starring 50 cent and Val Kilmer, began shooting locally at Cocktailz Bar & Grill, 1001 Chicago Drive SW, Sunday morning and was to wrap up filming at the location today at 7 p.m. according to  

If  anyone goes down there, let us know if they having any upcoming filming dates at that location.

December 29:  Filming is occuring this morning at Gillett Bridge in Downtown Grand Rapids!!

Updated January 10:  Gun starring 50 cent and Val Kilmer was on location at 2150 Alpine Ave in Grand Rapids, MI at the former Lear Plant.

Coming up this week, the film Gun will be filming at Sixx Club. This past Saturday
they were looking for extras (50) 25 that were chose this past Saturday, and 25 that will chose this Wednesday.  Show up if you are interested

If anyone has information, or if you are an extra write it below, or send an email to us at

As we get information we will list it here!!  In the Beginning of the year 50 cent and Forest Whitaker will start working on Jekyll and Hyde.

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