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Daily filming locations for movies and tv show – Nov 4

Posted on 04 November 2009 by David

Listed below are Daily filming locations for movies and tv shows for films that are being shot in Los Angeles, Boston, New York, and Michigan.  As we get more locations in we will list them!!

If you have any films that you know about that we havent listed, just write them below or send out an email to

Filming locations in Michigan

Cedar Rapids stars Anne Heche, John C. Reily and Ed Helms.

Filming has started for Cedar Rapids in Ann Arbor.  Yesterday (November 3)  The sidewalk on the north side of Liberty Street between Main and Ashley
is blocked off today for a film crew, and one of the storefronts in that block has been covered with black plastic sheeting.

What’s Wrong with Virginia was heading back to Holland.
They were heading to Allegan, MI  I heard they might be wrapping up there

Red Dawn was Filming early Monday morning, in Detroit’s New Center Area. Milwaukee & Second Ave.
just outside the Michigan State Police Detroit Post. More vehicular carnage. Probably still there

Filming locations in Boston

Knight & Day (Wichita) crews are setting up shop in the Maverick Square section of East Boston near Sumner and New streets
here. Production is slotted to continue in the LoPresti Park area, also known as North Ferry Park, until Thursday, Nov. 5.

The Town is filming scenes in Charlestown on the corner of Monument Square and Tremont Street next to the Bunker Hill
Monument for the rest of the week.

“The Town” will be in Melrose where crews plan to film at a former MASSBank branch located at 476 Main St. and W. Foster Street.



Filming locations in Los Angeles

Dinner for Schmuck’s is filming on location in Los Angeles at 1317 Willow St from nov 3 through the 6th, from 6am til 6am

Criminal Minds is filming on location in Los Angeles at 1401 S. Oak Knoll Ave.

Inception (Oliver’s Arrow) starring Leonardo Dicaprio is on location in Los Angeles at 215 Grand Av S

Filming locations in New York

Adjustment Bureau (starring Matt Damon) is filming at 20 Exchange Place at William St in New York City

Law and Order: SVU signs spotted at 71st and Columbus Ave, NYC.

The Beaver starring Mel Gibson is filming in New York at 1133 Westchester in White Plans

Gossip Girls are filming at Park and 64th in New York City!!

Wall street 2 is filming at Marcy and Broadway in Brooklyn

The Other Guys with Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell are filming at Centre Street and Worth in New York

Thanks olv for the new york tips


Vancouver filming locations

Fringe  is filming at 800 block of Great Northern Way for the next two weeks. Massive tents and CDC Trucks scatter the front entrance.

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