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John Krasinski And Drew Barrymore To Star in “Whales”

Posted on 30 April 2010 by David

Deadline New York

John Krasinski and Drew Barrymore are set to star in director Ken Kwapis family adventure Whales (previously titled “Everybody Loves Whales”).

The Universal release is the story of three California gray whales who were found trapped under the ice of the Arctic Circle in October 1988. The subsequent rescue attempt became a huge global event, as scores of journalists converged on the nearby Eskimo town of Barrow, Alaska, and the U.S. and Soviet government enjoyed a rare moment of collaboration.

Krasinski will play a small town newspaper reporter who breaks the story. Barrymore plays a Greenpeace activist, and they turn the potential tragedy into an international story.

If anyone has information or made to add to the story send us an email.  As we get information in, including casting, and filming locations we will post it.

Currently John Krasinski is working on Something Borrowed in New York

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