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Daily Filming Locations for November 23rd

Posted on 23 November 2009 by David

Below are todays daily filming locations with locations in Los Angeles, New York,  Vancouver and filming locations in Michigan


Los Angeles filming locations

Castle will be filming on location in Pasadena at 1401 S. Oak Knoll Ave Dr. today

Criminal minds will be on location filming in the Pasadena area at 1250 La Pintoresca Dr.

Screem Queen 2 will be filming in Los Angeles at 1317 Willow St from 8am til 10pm

24 will be on location in Los Angeles Filming on the east side of Broadway from 1st St – 2nd St, 6:00 A.M. – 10:00 P.M. and 202 W 1st St 6:00 A.M. – 10:00 P.M

NCIS: LA: is on location in Los Angeles Filming on Hope St, W 9th St – Olympic Blvd. & 1050 S Flower St, 6:00 A.M. – 10:00 P.M.



Michigan filming locations

Red Dawn have leased the building at 3100 west big beaver Troy, Mi and will start filming.
The Tank has already been dropped off. They will be filming the tank crashing through the front doors of the old Kmart HDQs
building and filming a few fight scenes inside the building.

The Movie Trust will be filming on Wed at the Ann Arbor Farmers Market.

Cedar Rapids was filming at the Clarion Hotel in Ann Arbor, Michigan over the weekend on Jackson Road.
If anyone has information about where they are filming today let us know!!



Vancouver Filming Locations:

A-team filming on Dunsmuir & Burrard again this weekend



New York Filming Locations:

Mercy is filming on Newark Ave & 4th St in Jersey City, NJ

The Good Wife: Filming in East Meadow, NY, at Brite Smiles Dental 2246 Bright Ave and then at a home on Bright Ave.,
beginning at 3PM.

Ugly Betty is Filming around 7th Ave & 28th St in New York City

Law and Order: CI is on location in NYC Filming on Battery Place

Boardwalk Empire is Filming around W 107th and Amsterdam on location in NYC (New York City)

White Collar is Filming across from Sunny’s in Red Hook, Brooklyn

Wall Street 2 is Filming around Bowling Green in Manhattan again

The Other Guys has Signs for filming spotted near The Plaza in New York

Thanks OLV for the New York tips!!

The Adjustment Bureau is Filming around West 25th, 26th ,27th, 28th between 9th and 11th Ave in New York City (NYC)  Thanks Neal!!

For those in New York that is interesting in maybe being an extra check out this page.

If  anyone has any filming information they want to share, just write it below!! or you can send an email to

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Daily Movie and TV filming locations for Nov 6

Posted on 06 November 2009 by David

Listed below are filming locations for New York, Los Angeles, Michigan, Vancouver, and Boston for November 6.

Los Angeles Filming Locations

Dinner for Schmuck’s is filming at 1317 Willow St. from 6am til 6am

Parks and Recreation is filming at 648 S. Broadway in Los Angeles from 7am til 9pm

Will and the Ruins is filming at S. Santa and Broadway in Los Angeles from 5pm til 7am

Inception (Oliver’s Arrow) is filming in Pasadena at 215 Grand Ave S.

Fox Tv Show Bones is on location filming in Pasadena at 2632 Washington Blvd. E

“What I hate about me” is filming at 112 S. De Lacey St.
New York Filming Locations

Nurse Jackie is on location filming at Baruch College, NYC (24th & Lex), 5AM-11PM

The Beaver is filming in studio, Brooklyn, New York

Boardwalk Empire is filming at 2nd Ave and 52nd St. in Brooklyn, New York

The Other Guys is filming at E 80th and Madison Ave, (New York City) NYC. Also spotted signs near Centre and Worth again
Thanks OLV for the New York tips!!

Michigan Filming Locations

Cedar Rapids is filming in Ann Arbor.   If anyone has specific information, just write it below.
or leave a post on our Cedar Rapids page.

We have filming information for trust
It appears that Trust will be filming @ the old Pfizer building in Ann Arbor on November 05, 06, & 09.
Call times around 9:00 am. at 2800 Plymouth Rd

They had been filming at the University of Michigan downtown campus also. If anyone has pics or further information let us know.

Red Dawn has been filming at the area of Milwaukee and Second Ave just outside of the Michigan
State Police Detroit Post this week.  If they are still there, or if they have moved let
us know.  Thanks!!!
Boston Filming Locations

“The Town” is slotted to film all day Friday, Nov. 6 at the old-school watering hole
known as “Old Sully’s” located at on Union Street near the Community College Station Orange Line T stop (Thanks Loadedgunboston)

Vancouver Filming Locations.

Fringe is filming at the 800 block of Great Northern Way for the next two weeks. Massive tents
and CDC Trucks scatter the front entrance.

A-Team was filming at the Westin Bayshore yesterday (Thursday Nov 5) They still may be there today. if they  are let us know.

If any one has any other information you can post it below, or send out an email to

Always looking for pics.  If you have any pics send them our way also.

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