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Untitled David O. Russell/Abscam Project currently filming in and around Boston, Massachusetts

Posted on 20 March 2013 by Joey DC

Christian Bale as Melvin Weinberg on March 19, 2013 in Boston, MA

Filming for the "Untitled David O. Russell/Abscam Project" will take place from March 18, 2013 through May 19, 2013 in Boston, Massachusetts and New York City. For detailed casting information in both cities click here.

The film stars Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, Jeremy Renner, and Amy Adams, and tells the true story behind the FBI's 1980 "Arab Scam" sting, which went by the operational name Abscam. After FBI agent Jimmy Boyle (Cooper) busts con artist Melvin Weinberg (Bale) and his mistress Maxine Gardner (Adams), the two embark on the first major operation to trap corrupt public officials. Angelo Joseph Errichetti (Renner) is at the center of the story of politicians indicted. The sting was executed using FBI agents posing as two fictitious sheikhs seeking to bribe local, state and federal officials and eventually netted the convictions of seven members of Congress.

So far Bale, Cooper, Renner and Adams have been spotted filming in Beantown. Look for yellow "Untitled" film signs and let us know if you spot them filming somewhere. Just yesterday they set up on Bowdoin Street downtown of Boston. The film's production office under the name "White Dog Productions" is located at 70 Fargo Street in South Boston.

And, according to MetroWest Daily News, the movie is set to film in Natick between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m. tomorrow, March 21, 2013. It will use Reliable Cleaners at 214 West Central St., a closed florist shop next door and a strip mall at 179 West Central St.

The "Untitled David O. Russell/Abscam Project" gets a limited release on December 13, 2013, before opening wide on Christmas Day.

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Open Casting Call for Out Of The Furnace starring Christian Bale in Braddock, PA on March 29 and March 31, 2012

Posted on 28 March 2012 by Joey DC

Casting agents are looking for extras 18 years and older who will be paid to be in Scott Cooper's Out of the Furnace starring Christian Bale. The movie will be filmed in Braddock, Pennsylvania where the extras are needed.

The open casting call will be held from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Thursday, March 29 at the Braddock Employment and Training Center at 849 Braddock Avenue.

A second casting call will take place from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, March 31 at the Braddock Community Center at 416 Library Street.

Attendees are asked to bring a pen and a recent picture. If you don't have a picture, one will be taken for you.

In case you are unable to attend the open casting call, you are invited to create a free profile online at

According to IMDb, the movie centers on an ex-con who attempts to blend into his new surroundings in an Indiana town, but is haunted by a figure from his past.

Source: WTAE

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First Official Photo of Bane in Dark Knight Rises

Posted on 20 May 2011 by Andrew

Well here it is – the first official image of Tom Hardy as Bane in the new Batman film.  This pic went online earlier from after a pretty weird viral marketing thing.  I really dig the image so far as it is definitely different than Bane from the terrible Batman and Robin.  It reminds me of the early pictures of the Joker where we immediately could see a different tone than the villains from the previous films.

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Batman 3 Has a Release Date

Posted on 30 April 2010 by Andrew

According to Slashfilm Batman 3 official has a release date now – July 20th, 2012.  Imax had recently announced a 20+ movie lineup for the next few years and the next Batman movie was on the list.  Christopher Nolan had said the the script was being worked on with David S. Goyer and Jonathan Nolan.  No word yet on any plot details, film locations, or villains, but after Nolan’s Inception comes out this summer I’m sure the information will start coming in one small tidbit at a time.  This release date gives Warner Bros plenty of time to prep and market the movie.

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Batman 3 Progressing

Posted on 09 February 2010 by Andrew


A few days ago, /Film posted a rumor about the progress of the Batman 3 script.  Well, it turns out that there was some truth to the rumor.  In a recent interview, David S. Goyer had mentioned that he had left ABC’s current show Flash Forward because of upcoming engagements on feature films.  Now it seems that one of those engagements is Batman 3.  David S. Goyer and Jonathan Nolan, both writers on the Dark Knight, are currently underway on the script, using an idea penned by the last two installment’s director, Christopher Nolan.  Nolan is currently finishing up his upcoming summer blockbuster Inception, and hopefully will direct the next Batman film soon after.  It will be interesting to see where this next film goes, especially because I felt it was obvious that they wanted Heath Ledger’s Joker to be in the next film.

In other news, Christopher Nolan has been asked by Warner Bros to oversee their new take on Superman.  He is not writing or directing, instead he will be acting as a mentor to help give the series a new look and a different spin.  The film will stand alone, and won’t be a sequel to Superman Returns.  However Warner Bros tackles this next film, I’m sure it will be cheaper and NOT involve Lex Luther for the billionth time. Here’s hoping.

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Filming Locations for August 20

Posted on 20 August 2009 by David

Eat, Pray, Love starring Julia Roberts is setup in the west village.
Permit signs on w4th between 7th and 6th, and pretty much every
crossstreet in between.

The Genesis code is filming tonight from 6pm-6am at Grand Rapids Public Museum

Going The Distance starring Drew Barrymore and Justin Long, is filming at 81st & Columbus, New York City
on August 20.

Signs for The Bounty starring Jennifer Aniston were spotted in Astoria at 14th Street and
31st Avenue through August 21 from 6 AM – 6 AM.
They are also filming at the Belmont Race Track
in Belmont, New York.

The Fighter with Christian Bale, Amy Adams and Mark Wahlberg will be filming in Lexington, MA in the town center
at The Flick movie theater on Massachusetts Ave on Thurs August 20
from 4pm to 4am.

There are signs for something filming on Smith Street and Dean St
in Brooklyn, If you get any information let us know.

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