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New Photos from the Set of Divergent

Posted on 27 May 2013 by Amber

Thanks to our friend Erica in Chicago, we're excited to share photos from the set of Divergent.  Erica shared that they were filming a big scene in Chicago today.  There were three or more cameras on set and hundreds of extras.  You'll see that each faction has their own door way as well.  Any guesses from the Divergent fandom on what was being filmed?  Our best guess is selection day.  Even if you can't see the doorways, you can use the costumes to identify the factions! 

divergent6 divergent5 divergent4 divergent3 divergent2 divergent1

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Little Fockers Filming locations and information

Posted on 20 September 2009 by David

Im in the early stages of gathering information for the movie, “Little Fockers”.  What we know so far is that filming starts on October 2nd in Chicagoland.

Earlier they were looking for extras, and are continuing to look for extras.

Updated information: Filming has occured at the corner of addison and lincoln in a car scene on October 2nd.  Will try to get more information

Filming information for Oct 5:

Little Fockers will be shooting on Oct 5 in Lincoln Park in Chicago!!

Just got an email stating that Little Fockers is currently filming at Roosevelt and Michigan in Chicago

According to a post on our facebook group for Little Fockers, filming is occuring tonight at the Hilton, which is located at Balbo and Michigan.

Filming is occuring right now at 10th and Wabash for Little Fockers in Chicago (5:15pm)

Filming for Tuesday Oct 6:

Little Fockers will be filming at wrightwood and dayton tomorrow between Sheffield and Halsted. 10/06/09. (Thanks  Laura) Filming will be from 1pm til 7pm

Little Fockers are supposed to be filming near the Sheridan red line stop on Tuesday night (10/6/09). (Thanks Crystal)

Filming Locations Oct 6 (Tuesday) through Oct 9 (Friday):

Just Received an email update for filming locations.  They will be filming at Dakin and Sheridan streets today (Tuesday) through Friday.  It is believed the times will be 1pm til 6pm (Thanks Katelyn)

Filming for Wednesday Oct 7:

Updated information: Shooting Little Fockers on the L at 1100 W. Irving Park Rd. tonight

Filming for Friday Oct 9:

Little Fockers will be filmed on Friday (Oct 9)near Irving Park Road and Sheffield area. Trucks roll in on Monday.

Filming Updates for October 23:

Starting Saturday and going through the 30th Little Fockers will be filming in Los Angeles at 200 S. Grand from 7am til 10pm

We just put together a group for Little Fockers on Facebook.  Please Join 🙂

If you have any information regarding Little Fockers, whether you see shooting permits (signs) or you see actual filming, or you see any of the stars.  Either email us or leave a post below.

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New Batman 3 film to be shot in Chicago in 2010

Posted on 28 August 2009 by David


We have information that prelimanary filming locations are being scouted in the Chicago area for the newest Batman movie, which looks like it will be filmed in 2010.  While its early, and the new Batman 3 is farthest from the mind (or maybe not to far) of director Christopher Nolan lets just say people get excited about Batman and people like to talk. 

Recent comments from Gary Oldman, at least in theory backs up the information that the film is moving ahead slowly. Of course there have been the recent Megan Fox rumors also that gives the idea that at the very least the film is in early stages and ideas are being put together.  

If you can add to the conversation, or if you have seen things with your own eyes. let us know


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