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New Details On Transformers 3 Filming Locations And Road Closures In Chicago

Posted on 30 June 2010 by David

Transformers 3 Filming Activity on Michigan Avenue

We got the following information from our good friends at regarding the Michigan Avenue filming scenes.

Scenes will include daytime exterior dialogue with special effects
and lower flying helicopters. The special effects will include but
are not limited to gunfire, spark hits, explosions, fireballs, and black smoke.
Any noisy effects will take place on Saturday and Sunday after 8am

The Michigan Avenue Bridge will be raised and lowered for filming. 
The brige will be down overnight on Thursday July 15th until 8pm on
July 16 and will be able to accommodate pedestrians and vehicular traffic
on the lower level.
On July 16th at 8pm untul 5am on July 19th the bridge will be raised
and will not be available for pedistrians or vehicles

The main filming location will be the traffic circle north of the bridge
and surrounded by the Wrigley Building at 401 N. Michigan Ave and Pioneer Court.
There will also be activity on Lower Michigan Avenue.

Michigan Ave will be closed to pedestrians from Illinois Street to the
river beginning at 8pm on July 15 until July 19.  If you work in the
area arrangements will be made.

Upper Michigan Avenue from Ontario Street to Wacker Drive from 8pm
on July 15th through 5am on July 19th will be closed for vehicular

Street Postings For Transformers 3

N/S Illinois Street from City Front Plaza Drive West t0 160 E. Illinois
S/S Illinois Street from Michigan Ave to City Front Plaza Drive
S/S Upper E. North Water Street from City Front Plaza Drive to Columbus Ave
W/S City Front Plaze Drive from Illinois to the southern edge of
the Tribune Builing
E/S City Front Plaza Drive from Illinois to the northern edge of the NBC Building
B/S N. St Clair Street from Lower Illinois to Lower N. Water Street
B/S Lower E. North Water Street from Lower Michigan Ave to N. St Clair Street
W/S then S/S Lower S Norther Water Stret from St. Clair to 225 S. North Water Street
B/S “Teardrop” on Lower E. North Water Street at Lower Michigan Ave
B/S “Teardrop” on Lower Hubbard Street at Lower Michigan Ave
Check out our page here, for other known filming locations so far in Chicago.

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