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Upcoming Chicago Filming Locations For June 20 – July 1st

Posted on 18 June 2010 by David

Upcoming Chicago Filming Locations

From June 20 through 25 Filming will be occuring at the area of Bloomingdale and Wood

On June 21st Filming will be occuring on Clark Street and Addison

On June 21st Filming wll be occuring at the area of Dickens and Cleveland

From June 21st through June 22nd Filming will occur at Ravenswood
and Lincoln.  
July 1st Filming will be occuring at Wabash and Huron

Currently all of these productions are unknown.

If you go by the productions areas listed, see if you see filming signs, or get
an idea for what is filming.

You can email us at or just write it below!!

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