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Daily filming locations for Feb 5 and casting calls for True Grit, The Convincer and Reel Steel

Posted on 05 February 2010 by David

The locations below are listed.   We have locations for today and coming up listed on our Feb 1st update

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New York Filming Locations

Black Swan is filming through the 5th near the Brooklyn Museum (thanks Rachel)

Damages is still filming on Staten Island on Katan Avenue.
John sent us an email yesterday about Damages. He let us know today they should be there for the rest of the week.

Gossip Girl is filming in the Central Park area for the rest of the week.   If this
can be confirmed, let us know, or if it can be narrowed down to certain streets!!


Los Angeles Filming Locations

Other than the Dark Blue and the film Isolation locations listed from the Feb 1st update we have a few new Los Angeles locations

The TV show Undercovers is filming on location in Los Angeles at 1200 E. California Boulevard.



Michigan Filming Locations

Looking for information for Sleepless Beauty and jekyll and Hyde, both of which is supposed to start filming in Grand Rapids, MI soon.
If you are an extra or have information dont hesitate to share with us!!

If you have any information or filming updates, send an email to or post them below


Austin, Texas

True Grit is starting a casting look in Austin Texas, check out our post about the movie for all of the details.  This casting call will be from the 4th through the 6th.
If you go to be casted, or are casted let us know at or join our facebook, and keep us up to date.

Hawaii Filming Locations

We had Questions about the movie, Soul Surfer from our viewers.  From our understanding filming starts on the 2nd of Feb, and hasnt started filming yet.


Shreveport, LA

Shreveport Film, Media and Entertainment Office

Traffic Interruptions Advisory

Friday, February, 5th – 8 AM to 9 PM
*Interruptions of traffic on Cotton Street between Marshall Street and Crockett Street

Saturday, February, 6th – 12:00 Noon to Sunday, 12:00 AM
*Interruptions of traffic on Cotton Street between Marshall Street and Crockett Street

Saturday, February, 13th – 3 PM to Sunday, 14th – 3 AM
*Closure of the alley in the block bounded by Louisiana Avenue, McNeill Street, Milam Street, and Crockett Street



Hopkins, Minnesota

If you are interested in being an extra for the movie, “The Convincer” with Greg Kinnear and Alan Arkin, check out the information.

When filming starts, and you are in the area we would love filming location information and set pics.  Of course as we get information we will share it with everyone!!


If you are interested in being in the movie “Reel Steel”  Dreamworks is having a casting call for a young actor (10-14 year old boy) in a leading role for the film.  Check out the link for all of the details!!

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True Grit Casting Calls in the Austin, Texas area Feb 4-6

Posted on 03 February 2010 by David



Here’s the true dirt on extras casting for the Coen Bros.’ remake of the western “True Grit,” being shot this spring in the Austin area, directly from the studio:

PARAMOUNT PICTURES IS SEEKING EXTRAS FOR A NEW COEN BROTHERS FEATURE FILM “TRUE GRIT.” The film shoots in TX (Austin area, incl Granger & Blanko) during March, April & May of 2010.

Looking for reliable people to portray looks specific to the 1870’s and 1900. Start growing your hair now! Seeking: Unique “character” faces. We are most interested in people with natural features.

HAIR NOTES: If you want to be considered, start growing your hair now! Women should have long hair that is not colored in anyway— no highlights, full head colors or semi-permanent colors. Men should have some length, especially on top. Crew cuts are not suitable, as the hair will not have time enough to grow. Men should grow their facial hair, incl. beard, moustache, sideburns like those shown on this site.

BODY TYPES: People from this time period did not have modern enhancements, meaning they did not have braces, implants, etc. They weren’t weight lifters— people worked hard, but not in a gym. Body types were most often average to slim. Women will be wearing corsettes and long dresses.

OTHER: We are most interested in people willing to work more than one day. Looking for responsible people w/ flexible schedules. 10 years of age & older. All minors must have consent of parent/guardian & must indicate date of birth. If you don’t have a resume, please list any performing/background experience you may have.

TO SUBMIT: There are two ways to submit. Preferred is in-person (ONLY on dates, below)! If this is impossible, you may submit by mail. Follow instructions below.

In-Person Interviews: (bring legal form & copy of I.D.) SEE SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS BELOW!

Austin Studios, 1901 East 51st. St. (Red Bldg.), Austin TX 78723

Thurs, Feb. 4: 11am – 7pm

Fri, Feb. 5: 11am – 7pm

Sat, Feb. 6: 11am – 7pm


Austin Studios, c/o Extras Cstg / Debbie DeLisi, 1901 East 51st. St. (Red Bldg), Austin TX 78723

SUBMISSIONS MUST INCLUDE: Headshot & one page resume, if you have them. Also, you MUST include CURRENT SNAPSHOTS (face & body). List all pertinent contact information, incl your place of residency & anything else we should know about you. Remember: THIS A PERIOD FILM. If you want to be considered, it’s best to send us a natural, current photos (no makeup or glamour). All submissions are non-returnable. Incl age, height, weight, measurements, etc. List any scheduling conflicts (4/23 – 5/26). Preference will be given to those w/ flexible schedules. If you want to be considered, start growing your hair now!

Extras Casting Director: Debbie DeLisi

HOTLINE: 212-330-9357 (Submissions will NOT be accepted via email. Email address is for general inquiries only)

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