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MERLIN panel

Posted on 15 July 2012 by Amber

Today we were at Comic-con to see the MERLIN panel. MERLIN returns for a fifth season this winter on the Syfy channel.

On the panel are the Executive Producers (Johnny Capps and Julian Murphy) as well as Colin Morgan, Katie McGrath and Angel Coulby.

In season five the show jumps three years allowing the characters to develop a bit between seasons.  This year they also focus on more story lines to give the show a more adult feel. Merlin becomes more of a man and Arthur is on his way to becoming king.


Angel shared that it has been exciting to see her character Gwen, grow although she always knew that she had the Queen in her.  Katie shared that she feels Morgana isn't evil but is a misunderstood hero. Watch out for a juicy storyline between Morgana and Gwen.


Colin shared that Merlin really crossed over into being a man at the end of season 4 and it progresses even further for season 5.  Colin shared that "he gives as much as he gets" this season.

Julian Murphy shared that you can expect more great guest stars this season. We also saw a sneak peek of a new Merlin game on Facebook.  Johnny and Julian shared that they were involved in the creation of the game and that it was important to make sure story was allowed to develop along with the game.

Also, look for exclusive footage on the MERLIN YouTube channel which is launching today!


We saw a lot of exclusive footage of gag reels and a sneak peek of season 5. The last line of the footage was "Camelots great trial has begun."

Some things we learned during audience Q&A: Mordred will be back in season 5.  Merlin was always lonely during the legends, and that is one of his obstacles and the love he has had ended badly. So in other words, no love interest in the works for Merlin.  Morgana's costume won't change much in season 5.  We will see more of the white dragon in season 5.

Hope you enjoyed and we apologize greatly for any spelling mistakes, this article was posted from a phone!

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