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Boston’s Finest Filming on location at Boston Public Library – April 3rd

Posted on 03 April 2010 by David

We got these pictures from our wonderful friend, contributor and writer Joey. Thanks Joey. It sounds like you had a great time today!!

“My hubby and I went to the film set of the TV pilot “Boston’s Finest” today which was shooting at the Boston Public Library. I assumed the whole library was taken over, but it was still open to the public. We went inside and were in the middle of the film set. Dressed up detectives and police officers were waiting in line in front of some rooms. Sometimes movie crew people said we have to be quiet because they were shooting for a few seconds. Movie equipment and cameras were all over the place, and it was really exciting. My hubby and I went inside a little cafeteria, so he could get himself something to eat. I almost had a heart attack when I noticed four actors sitting across the table of us. They were pretty relaxed and had a conversation. All their faces looked very familiar, but I couldn’t really remember their names. Kinda embarrassing, I know. Anyway, I waited for a chance and went over to ask the most familiar actor to me, Richard T. Jones, if he would mind taking a photo with me. He was such a down-to-earth and polite guy, and immediately said yes. I guess he overheard my excitement and that I couldn’t remember his name, so he introduced himself to me after he asked what my name was. He was such a sweetheart, and really handsome looking. After I got my picture with him, we left and came across the actress Katee Sackhoff. She heard me saying that I know who she is and gave me a really bitchy look, so I didn’t bother to approach her. My short but awesome meeting with Richard really made my day, especially since he didn’t act like a star at all!“


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