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Daily filming locations for Los Angeles and New York for January 21st

Posted on 21 January 2010 by David

Besides the filming locations listed for the week, we have new filming locations for today in the Los Angeles and New York  areas.

New York Filming locations:

Gossip Girls will be filming on location in New York at the Astoria World Manor.   Thanks Andy for the tip

30 Rock is filming on location, as usual in New York today.  They are filming at around Park Ave and East 23rd Street.

Boardwalk Signs have been posted at the area of 120th Street and 122nd Street off of Claremont Avenue.  (Thanks Sharon!!)

Stephanie sent in a tip from Twitter, that in the area of Broadway and 26th that Law and Order is filming.  She believes its Criminal Intent

 If you have any New York Filming information, just leave it below and share!!

Los Angles Filming Locations

The Office is filming on location in Los Angeles at 2017 E. 7th Street

The Fox TV show Bones is filming in Los Angeles on location at 615 S. Broadway

Thor continues to film at Manhattan Beach in Raleigh Studios.  If you have any info, please share!!


We are always looking for upcoming movie location tips, if you have information for things that are filming or will be filming,
or if you see filming permit signs just send us an email and we will get it listed.
you can email us at or just comment below.

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Filming Locations for September 25

Posted on 25 September 2009 by David

Law and Order:SVU will be filming at W 130th between Lenox and 5th, New York City from 6am to 2 am.

The Other Guys is filming around Henry St and Rutgers St.

The Adjustment Bureau is filming at St Vincent Medical Center on W 12th St between 6th and 7th in Manhattan.
On Monday they are filming at the Top of the Rock, Rockefeller Plaza.

Nurse Jackie is filming at Baruch College and Signs also spotted on 25th and 3rd in New York City.

Wall Street 2 is filming around 5th Ave and W 56th, New York City. On Saturday  September 26,  They are filming around Citigroup Center at 53rd and Lexington all day.

Rescue Me is filming  in the vicinity of Gates and Downing, in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.

Thanks to Christine for these great tips!!

On Friday afternoon, Sept. 25 Coopers Beach in South Hampton will be the film site of scenes for Sex in the City 2.  (Thanks Meagan!!)  

ABC TV Show Brothers & Sisters 80 Oakland Av in Pasadena

Fox TV Show Bones is shooting at 45 N. San Gabriel Bl in Pasadena

Want to check out an HP Commercial?  They are shooting at 919 La Loma Rd in Pasadena.

K-Mart like a lot of people is already preparing for Christmas. They are shooting a christmas commercial at 1234 Wellington Ave in Pasadena.

Wichita starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz will be filming in Bridgewater, MA today from 3 p.m. to 5 a.m.   For more information check it out here.

The Town starring Ben Affleck will be shooting again in Fenway Park. If you didn’t see we posted their shooting schedule for the first two weeks in October!!

We did hear, that for the movie “Alleged” that they shoot 5 days a week, and will be shooting for 21 days total.  90% of the filming will occur at the before mentioned Cross Roads Village.

The Zoo Keeper starring Kevin James, is filming their wedding scene through the 25th in Boston, at the Boston Public Garden.
For Red Dawn They will be working on transforming the area in Downtown Pontiac, MI along Saginaw Street, just North of Huron into a movie set depicting Spokane, Wa

Plans are to close that stretch of roadway, and possibly adjacent blocks beginning Sept. 17 between Lafayette and University Street, which won’t reopen it until the first week of October. Actual filming is tentatively planned for Sept. 24 to Oct. 4 from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. 
Another  location will be on Saginaw Street, south of Huron and between Lawrence and Pike streets.
The main location will be Main Street Pawn Shop, at 20 N. Saginaw, an alley behind it and a building next to it at 28 North Saginaw.

It is expected that the closing of Saginaw Street will only be needed during the filming dates “for safety concerns” til Oct. 1.

Check out our latest pictures and videos in our fan area from the Downtown Pontiac Set. Looks awesome!!

“What’s wrong with Virginia?” starts really soon in Holland, MI.  They start shooting on Sept 28.  Check out our Update page for this particular movie.  If you have more information, or more specific knowledge. Please share, we are trying to gather as much as possible.

Twilight Eclipse is filming today at Bella’s House in Surrey.

If you know about any other movie that is being made let us know, either use our tip page, email us at or just leave a comment below!!

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