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Daily Filming Locations for January 12 2010

Posted on 11 January 2010 by David

Los Angeles Filming Locations

Brothers and Sisters is filming at 1640 Lombardy Rd. on location in Los Angeles

America’s Most Wanted is filming in Los Angeles Under 6th St Bridge @ Santa Fe Ave from 5am til 2am

Iron man 2 is doing some reshoots in Los Angeles today at the area of Mateo Street between 6th and 7th.  If you are in the area check it out!!

Rasputin is filming at Mateo St and 6th St and 7th St from 7am til 10pm in Los Angeles

CSI New York is filming on location in los Angeles at 590 S Santa Fe Ave from 5am til 10pm

Character Fantasy Makeover is filming at 900 Tiverton Ave from 10:30am til 3:30pm in LA

Before the After is filming on location in Los Angeles at 304 S Spring St from 5am til 10pm

Big Love is filming in LA at 200 N Spring Street from 10am til 1pm

Castle is filming on location in Los Angeles at 515 S Flower St from 8am til 2am

Marvel’s Thor has started filming.  If anyone has any information, let us know below or send us an email to As we get information we will post it!!

Michigan Filming Locations

50 cent and Val Kilmer are continuing work on the movie, Gun.
As noted on our main information page for the movie Gun, They will be looking for extra’s tomorrow at Club Sixx.
They need 25 extra’s for a club scene they will be shooting at Club Sixx.



Shreveport, LA Filming locations

The film Super is filming this week.  It should be the last week of filming.  The film
stars Kevin Bacon, Rainn Wilson, and Ellen Page.   If you are down there, let us know
if you hear anything.

there was a call yesterday for extras. They may need more extras.


New York Filming Locations

Rescue Me is filming on location in Brooklyn on the corner of Meeker and Leonard St.

Black Swan is filming at Purchase College like the have been.

Law and Order is filming at 7th and 21st in Chelsea.

~Thanks Brian for the NYC updates!!

We are always looking for upcoming movie location tips, if you have information for things that are filming or will be filming, or if you see filming permit signs just send us an email and we will get it listed. 
you can email us at or just comment below.

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Daily filming locations for November 30 for New York, Los Angeles and Michigan

Posted on 30 November 2009 by David

Looking for filming locations? Listed below are filming locations in New York, Los Angeles and parts of Michigan. If you know about a film or tv show that is production write it below, or send an email to

Los Angeles Filming Locations

Up in the Air is at 961 Broxton Ave in Los Angeles, California

The Film Dinner for Schmucks is filming in Pasadena at 380 S. San Rafael Ave

Big Love is Filming in Pasadena on location at 510 S. Arroyo Parkway

24 is filming on location in Los Angeles at 202 W. 1st

The Social Network is filming at 618 S. Spring St in Los Angeles
from 4am til 10pm


Michigan Filming Locations

Got an email saying that Trust would be returning to the Plymouth area after Thanksgiving!! 
They were filming at the area of Ann Arbor Trail and Wing in Plymouth, they could be in the same area.
Red Dawn had returned to the Harper Woods area to shoot more scenes last week.  If they are still there, let us know.
Around December 4th, they will filming in Troy at the old Kmart Headquarters at 3100 West Big Beaver.  The Tank is already there.

Will have to look in the morning for information on Cedar Rapids.

Update for Cedar Rapds filming information:  They were spotted near the Clarion Hotel this morning filming.  Sounds like they were filming most of the night. 


New York Filming Locations

Wall Street 2 (starring Shia Lebeouf): has filming Signs spotted near Whitehall and Stone Streets, 5Am -2AM.

The Other Guys has filming location Signs on W 40th and 8th Ave in NYC.

Damages has filming location Signs posted on 107th between Riverside Drive and Broadway.

Law and Order is Filming near Orchard and Rivington St in new york city.

Law and Order:SVU is on location Filming near E 16th and Rutherford Pl, NYC (new york city).

Boardwalk Empire has filming location signs spotted near Decatur St & Stuyvesant Ave, Brooklyn.

Louie is on location with filming Signs near Washington St & Christopher St, NYC
Thanks OLV for the the New York Tips!!
Gossip Girl: Signs on 44th near 6th Ave, 5 Am – 11 PM


For those in New York that is interesting in maybe being an extra check out this page.
If  anyone has any filming information they want to share, just write it below!! or you can send an email to

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