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July 11 Filming Locations In Los Angeles, Louisiana, NYC And Other Locations Including “The Other Woman”, “Castle” And “Revolution”

July 10, 2013


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New York Filming Locations

Royal Pains is filming near 1395 Plantingfield Road in Oyster Bay, NY

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is filming at Steiner Studios in Brooklyn

Boardwalk Empire is filming in Brooklyn near 495 E. 18th

Last Five Years is filming in Manhattan near 125 W. 119th Street

The Other Woman is filming in Yonkers near 1 Generoso Pope Street

Girls is filming at 1 Main Street on Roosevelt Island, NY

White Collar is filming at Silvercup Studios East in Long Island City

Normal Heart is filming in Manhattan near 11 Broadway

Los Angeles Filming Locations

Castle is filming near 24800 Ave Rockefeller in Santa Clarita, CA

Leonard is filming from 1pm til 10pm at 540 S Santa Fe Ave

Bulleit is filming from 7am til 10pm in Los Angeles at 112 W 5th St

The Midnighters is filming in Los Angeles at 650 S Spring St from 5pm til 5am

Louisiana Filming Locations

Dawn of The Planet Of the Apes is filming at Six Flags at 7101 MICHOUD BLVD in NEW ORLEANS

Hot Tub Time Machine 2 is filming near 2900 US Highway 51, LaPlace, LA

Texas Filming Locations

Revolution is filming near 6614 Blue Bluff Rd in Austin, TX

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