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Comic Con 2013 – Day 1- Panels

July 18, 2013

Here we are dear readers, on the steps of the years biggest movie, comics and tv event: Comic Con, San Diego. What a lovely weather we had here today, mild 80's and partly cloudy for most of the day. We started off the event with a lot of crowd watching for cos-players, costume lovers and caught a glimpse of this giant robot that looked like something out of an Ironman movie. No surprise here, since the guys that built this 9.5 foot, 400 pound aluminum monster, were the same people behind the Ironman and Pacific Rim armor costumes. Kudos to the Stan Winston School and Legacy Effects studio for the jaw dropping awesome work. 


After a whole lot of waiting and excitement, we finally made it inside where we witnessed the unveiling of one of this years hottest movies: Ender's Game and a similarly dystopian futuristic flick: Divergent thats set to hit the silver screen in March 2014.
Before the movie panels, we started off with the Entertainment Weekly's Visionaries Panel in which hosted three directors, 'The Amazing Spider Man' director Marc Webb,  director of  action packed comedies like 'Hot Fuzz' and 'Shaun of The Dead' Edgar Wright and the Mexican director Alfonso Cuaron who is best known for his futuristic 'Children of Men'. The thing that hit us most in the panel is how much great chemistry there was between the three directors. They began the panel by sharing stories of their Comic Con adventures and then discussed their most recent works respectively. Alfonso Cuaron introduced his latest 'Gravity' which stars George Clooney and Sandra Bullock, who play two astronauts stranded in space. He explained the difficulties in shooting a movie in zero gravity and the amount of work put into it. Apparently, one needs a hand created system to pull that off. On the other hand, he commented that working with Sandra and George was nothing but 'trouble' since they'd go around trying to imitate his accent. When asked if they were doing a good job of that, he responded with: 'they sucked! they kept trying to make me Cuban not Mexican!' Well, we shall definitely keep that in mind next time we try to imitate your accent Mr. Cuaron. 

Marc Webb, who is directing The Amazing Spider Man 2 and is due to release sometime in May 2014, spoke about the difficulties in shooting flying scenes in the movie, (we anticipate a lot of flying scenes at this point), and was quoted as saying that 'antagonists are a foil to get different emotions out of a character'. He was referring to the way Electro brought out in Peter Parker, the need to empathize with those he doesn't generally empathize with. Earlier, we had watched a 40 second teaser trailer on Electro and it features Jamie Foxx in a not so sexy costume talking about how he feels electricity in the walls. 

As for the latest work coming out of director Edgar Wright, we found a lot of humor and energy as he discussed the fight scenes and stunts involved in shooting 'The Worlds End' an action-comedy flick set in the UK. The movie features 5 friends who are hell bent on reliving their historical pub crawl from years back, and in the process find themselves mankind's only hope for survival. Wright sheepishly admitted to giving Simon Pegg and Martin Freeman the most difficult stunts due to the fact that they were older, and much less willing to pull them off (we hope you were joking Edgar). We were told  to expect many fighting scenes and especially those involved with Nick Frost. Thanks Edgar! We shall definitely keep a look out for those once the movie comes out in 23rd of August this year. 
The directors panel gave way to one of the most anticipated movie panels in Comic Con this year: 'Divergent'. Based on the 2011 novel by Veronica Roth, first of a trilogy, the story is set in a dystopian Chicago which has been walled and is inhabited by 5 factions. The heroine is Tris, a teenager who has been given a choice to choose between the factions after taking an aptitude test. Although changing factions is a no-no, Tris finds herself compelled to leave her faction and join another, where she falls for an older man. The movie is directed by Neil Burger, and casts starts like Kate Winslet and Theo James along side Shailene Woodley who plays Tris. We were informed in the panel that the movie finished shooting just two days ago while Veronica Roth completed the last book in the trilogy during the shooting of the movie. 'Divergent' is due to hit the theatres in March of 2014 and will be one of those movies you will not want to miss definitely.

Now we were already having a lot of fun with the previous panels but we had one more to go before the day was up and that's the movie 'Ender's Game' hitting the theaters this year. Directed by Gavin Wood and produced by Robert Orci, is a futuristic movie set 70 years after a horrific alien invasion of Earth. The story tells of an unusually gifted child by the name of Ender who is being sent to military school to train for the next alien invasion. The movie is based on the 1985 novel by Scott Orson Card, that has won 3 NPR awards for best Sci-Fi seller and stars Asa Butterfield from 'Hugo' as Ender, and Harrison Ford as his tutor Commander Hyrum Graff. In the panel, hosted by Chris Chadwick, we were introduced to the actors, shown a clip from the movie and discussed the challenges in directing the movie that Scott Orson Card had commented years ago as being 'unfilmable'. Gavin Wood commented on the fact that he loved the environment the story was set in, and the complex stories interwoven by the character's personalities. But according to Wood, perhaps the greatest challenge was to capture the battle of good and evil that takes place in each character of the story. These sentiments were echoed with Harrison Ford's comments on the complexity of morality in his character and it being the reason he decided to take the role in the first place. Needless to say, we are looking forward to seeing this heralded novel cast upon the silver screen this November 1st. 

As you can see dear readers we had good fun and lots of insider information on the hard work of these wonderful people. We can't wait to dig ourselves into a couch and buttered up popcorn when the time comes to watch these movies. 

Thats all for now. Keep reading on what we find tomorrow as Comic Con continues in all its epic glory. 

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