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June 4 Filming Locations In NYC, Louisana, Nashville, Los Angeles And Other Locations Including “Song One”, “Search Party” And “Boulevard”

June 03, 2013


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Los Angeles Filming Locations

Ruffles is filming in Los Angeles from 6am til pm at
1: E 4th St., Mateo St. – S Anderson St.
2: E 6th St Bridge, S Boyle Ave. – Mateo St.
3: LA Riverbed., 6th St. – 4th St.
4: Mateo St., 4th Pl. – 6th St.
5: Santa Fe Ave., 4th St. – 6th St.
6: E 7th St Bridge, S Santa Fe Ave. – S Myers St

Something Borrowed, Something New is filming in Los Angeles near 82 S. Fair Oaks

New York Filming Locations

Royal Pains is filming near 135 West Gate Drive in Huntington, NY

4 Square is filming near 127 Middleneck Road in Port Washington, NY

Boardwalk Empire is filming at Steiner Studios

The Other Woman is filming in Manhattan near 4 W. 43rd

Girls is filming in Brooklyn near 228 N. 12th

White Collar is filming in Astoria, NY near 3601 35th Ave

Rob the Mob is filming in Brooklyn near 630 Flushing Ave

Song One is filming on Roosevelt Island, NY at 1 Main Street

Louisiana Filming Locations

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is filming near 1505 CANAL ST. in NEW ORLEANS, LA

When the Game Stands Tall is filming near 805 Phlox St. in Metairie, LA

Untitled Detective Series is filming near 192 WEST 5TH ST, LAPLACE, LA

Search Party is filming near 2633 N. Foster Dr. Baton Rouge, LA

Nashville Filming Locations

Boulevard is filming near 1608 Woodmont Blvd. in Nashville, TN

Cleveland Filming Locations

Captain America is filming in Cleveland
 on West Shoreway from Lake Avenue near Edgewater Park to East Ninth Street.
 on W.3rd St. between Alfred Lerner Way and St. Clair Ave.
 Click here for all the info!!

Georgia Filming Locations

Need for Speed is filming at the 13th Street bridge spanning the Chattahoochee River in Columbus, GA

North Carolina Filming Locations

Homeland will film scenes on June 3-4 at the Supreme Court building, Historic North Carolina State Capitol building and grounds in Raleigh


  • Not sure when but there’s transcendence with johnny depp and morgan freeman in NM 😀

  • Monica

    Hello! Do u know if white collar will be filming on wendesay in Astoria again? I’m here in NYC for vacation and I will like to stop by thanks 🙂

  • admin

    hi Monica, White Collar is filming at the same location in Wed in Astoria. Hope you are able to check it out