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Chicago Fire Set Location Pictures From Chicago – Nov 15

November 15, 2012

While there are a variety of different TV shows that are set in Chicago, only a few actually shoot here full time. Other shows may drop in and out of town for a couple of exterior shots (for example, Shameless and ER) and other shows couldn't find a Chicago if their life depended on it (Good Wife).


Chicago Fire, the new drama on NBC from the creator of a hundred different Law and Order shows, actually films in Chicago. (That's pretty clear since each episode features some clear footage of the Chicago skyline.).  The signs for the film set use "CFD" — Chicago Fire Department — very cute!



Today they are filming a crash scene that will take place on "Lake Shore Drive" close to Christmas. Since it's just passed Halloween and we're by Millennium Park, the magic of TV editing will have their work cut out for them.



Over the course of this day, they will shoot the stunt sequence of the crash and also the scene with the paramedics Shay (played by Lauren German) and Dawson (Monica Raymund) dealing with the trauma.




The crew is relatively fan-friendly as we are allowed to watch at a distance – even as they shoot a scene inside the ambulance where it seems something will crash into them.



Alas, no brave firefighters on set today, but it was fun to see the show at work!


Chicago Fire aires on Wednesdays

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