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“Last Vegas” And “Hangover 3” To Film At Caesars Palace In Las Vegas This Month

October 04, 2012

Source: Las Vegas Sun

If you are in Las Vegas the middle of the month.  It may start to feel like Hollywood.

After they complete filming scenes in the desert, the film crew for "Hangover 3" will be moving to Caesars Palace.

As you remember, Caesars Palace is the original scene of the Crime from the first film.  Returning in another cameo will be Mike Tyson, Ken Jeong and Heather Graham. 

To make things interesting at the same time, the film "Last Vegas" with Robert De Niro and Michael Douglas will also be filming at Caesars Palace.  Mary Steenburgen, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Kline and Jerry Ferrara also star in the film.  It has been described as a "Grumpy Old Men's Hangover."

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