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Exclusive interview with actress Alex Lombard from Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

June 16, 2012

Alex Lombard co-stars in 20th Century Fox's anticipated summer blockbuster, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter,” as Gabrielle, the love interest of Henry Sturgess, the 900-year old vampire played by Dominic Cooper. The film explores the secret life of the 16th President as hunter of the undead in an untold story that shaped the United States. Filmmakers Tim Burton and Timur Bekmambetov bring to life the book written by Seth Grahame-Smith which flew in at #4 on the New York Times 2010 bestseller list in “Hardcover Fiction.”

Lombard is joined on screen with Rufus Sewall, Mary Elizabeth Winsted, and Benjamin Walker. She recently starred in “Inception” with Leonardo DiCaprio, “Man Without A Head” opposite Shannyn Sossamon, and the TV series’ “How I Met Your Mother” and “Days of Our Lives.”

The film is set for wide release on Friday June 22nd in real D, 3D, and digital 3D. We would like to thank Alex Lombard and all who made our interview possible.


Before The Trailer (BTT): How did you become involved with “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”?

Alex Lombard (AL): I auditioned like the other gals and I was super excited to learn that they were going to turn it into a movie. I was familiar with the book and before I knew it I was on a plane down to New Orleans.

BTT: What were your first thoughts when you heard about the movie? Were you familiar
with the story before you started filming?

AL: When I very first saw the title, I thought it was so hilarious. I was really intrigued and compelled by the title to tell you the truth, and then when I found out who was working on the movie, I was overjoyed. I mean it is such a dream team.

BTT: Tell us about your character, you know, what makes her tick, how you approached her, and what you drew your inspiration from.

AL: Well, I definitely think that Gabrielle is a free spirit, she sort of lends a bit of levity to the movie. She’s the girlfriend of Dominic Cooper who plays Henry Sturgess. He takes Abraham Lincoln under his wing to sort of teach him the ways of the vampire world. She is just there when Abe Lincoln very first shows up at Henry’s house. We shot at a beautiful historic house in the French Quarter. Abe sort of runs into them in a couple of compromising situations which just adds some comic relief, some flirty fun to the movie.

BTT: What were the hardest things that you personally had to go through, before and during filming for the role?

AL: Nothing, it was such a breeze. It was super fun. I mean they fitted me for a corset at one point which that scene got cut out. I am now more or less just naked in the entire movie. I am wearing a 17th century sheet which is basically my costume. But they did get me into one corset. I really couldn’t breathe very well so I was lucky I didn’t have to spend too much time in it. Everybody was so easy to work with and they made me feel so comfortable. I felt sort of at home with everyone.

BTT: The film was shot on location in New Orleans. What was it like on set?

AL: That was magical. I think that New Orleans is such a magical city, it has so much to offer culturally and food wise. The city is already like a movie set to me so the fact that I actually got to be working there in a historic home and in the French Quarter, it was such a dream. I am such a big fan of the city. There is so much to do so if I had any free time I could just run off and discover unique little things about the city. Its probably my favorite place I have ever worked before.  

BTT: What was it like working with Benjamin Walker and Dominic Cooper?

AL: They were fantastic. I knew the moment I met them that it was going to be super easy. I met Dominic and we had lunch. Literally, the next day I was naked with him in a bathtub. I was like, ‘nice to meet you, lets get naked.’ He was great, super charming, really down to earth, and really focused. I am a big fan of his work, I love everything that he has done. He really made me feel really at home and very very comfortable on set.

BTT: Producer Tim Burton directed the recent Dark Shadows film, a vampire love story, and screenwriter Seth Grahame-Smith also wrote the script for Dark Shadows. Is there fear that audiences for “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” may be unresponsive given these similarities from a film that just flew out of theaters?

AL: For me, no. This is a 3D action horror film so it’s very different. I don’t think you can compare them at all aside from the fact that it is going to have amazing action sequences because that’s what Timur is known for, and it’s going to have the amazing highly stylized attention that Tim Burton is known for. It’s going to be a really killer combination.

BTT: You are set to star in “Man Without a Head.” What can you tell us about this project?

AL: That’s coming out next year. The director is really playing his cards close to his vest on this one. I have actually been snooping around online myself just to see what was being said about it. I read that one journalist tried to reach out to him and his response was we are not looking for press at this time. He really did create this very sort of like other worldly existence, completely fabricated in his mind.

BTT: Now for a brief lightning round so our audience can get to know you a little better.

AL: Okay, I’m scared.

BTT: Where did you grow up?

AL: Charleston.

BTT: How would you describe yourself in three words?

AL: Funny, nerdy, and studious.

BTT: What are some of your hidden talents?

AL: Oh gosh, I don’t think I have any hidden ones because I try and get everyone to see how talented I am.

BTT: What do you do like to do in your spare time?

AL: I love to see movies, I watch tons of TV. I love to go to Broadway musicals whenever I am in New York. I love to travel, and I do a lot of yoga.

BTT: If you weren’t an actress, what would you be?

AL: If I wasn’t an actress, I would probably be running a company of some kind in corporate America.


Watch the official trailer for “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”


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