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‘Devil’s Knot’ to Begin Production this Summer

February 05, 2012


Oscar winner Colin Firth has signed on to star in the film Devil’s Knot, based on the story of the West Memphis Three. He will play Ron Lax, the private investigator that helped free three men from prison who had been convicted of murder.

In case you are unfamiliar with the story, the West Memphis Three were convicted of killing three 8-year-old boys in 1993, although many believed them to have been wrongly accused. Several documentaries have since been made regarding the incident.

The Devil’s Knot will be a dramatized version of the story, based on journalist Mara Leveritt’s book and will be directed by Atom Egoyan. Producer Clark Peterson told TheWrap that the film “is not about how they got out of prison. It’s about how they got in.”

The case recently made headlines again, as a judge ordered the men to be freed based on Lax’s discovery of DNA evidence that linked the stepfather of one of the boys to the murders. Lax “really is the unsung hero of the story,” producer Elizabeth Fowler said.


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