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“Big Miracle” is Heartwarming

February 12, 2012


On opening weekend, the theater for “Big Miracle” was packed with families, senior citizens and my husband and I.  While we were clearly outnumbered there is something charming about seeing a family movie surrounded by kids.  Their gasps during the more intense parts and innocent questions like, “what are they going to do mom?!” bring a smile to my face every time.

“Big Miracle” is based on a book of the same title by Tom Rose who covered the story of three stranded whales trapped under the ice near Barrow, Alaska.  The movie focuses on how the town of Barrow comes together to help free the three whales.  The story gains popularity after a small town TV news reporter Adam Carlson, played by John Krasinski, documents the story.  From there the news reel shows up on every TV station around the country.  We watch actual news footage of Tom Brokaw, Peter Jennings and the like sharing the story with the nation.  That story sets off a chain reaction of events bringing typically opposing forces together in an effort to free the whales from the ice. 

Rachel Kramer, a Geenpeace activist, played by Drew Barrymore, comes to rally the troops and ends up finding support from the least likely sources.  Ted Dansen, plays a big oil executive J.W. McGraw, who is an unlikely supporter in the rescue effort.  By the end of the movie Rachel and J.W. realize that while there are still fundamental oppositions at play, neither is the quite the villain the other has made them out to be.  Likewise, we see the United States and the Soviet Union work together for this unlikely cause.

Central to the movie is the story of the Inupiat people and how this story alters their way of life and culture.  We see most of these lessons through the eyes of a young Inupiat boy who seems to spend all of his free time looking up to Adam but is continually being coached by his grandfather on the ways and culture of his people.  Through these lessons we also see Rachel learn about the culture and accept the fact that, while she may not agree with all aspects of their culture, the Inupiat people have deep respect for the whales.

The movie is heartwarming and a solid family movie.  I’m sure it won’t receive critical acclaim, but these types of movies rarely do.  Under the direction of Ken Kwapis, the movie balances comedy and drama, laughs and tearful moments well.  Overall, I’d give the movie 3.5 stars.  It is a good movie that I definitely wouldn't mind watching again in the future.

I was a girl in elementary school when this story hit the airwaves and I can’t say that I remember it.  What I do remember is that it would have just about the right time for my obsession with whales and all things sea life to begin.  I’m sure that at least a few of the kids leaving the theater that day were as anxious to adopt a whale or learn more about marine biology as I was at their age.  It’s always good when a movie leaves you interested in learning more.

Big Miracle is rated PG and runs for 107 minutes.

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3 Stars – It was OK

4 Stars – It was really good

5 Stars – I’d pay to see it again


Amber is a movie lover, not a movie critic!  She doesn’t watch thousands of movies a year to strike some type of cinematic balance but will do her best to be as unbiased and straightforward as possible.  

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