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“Spartacus: Vengeance” Press Conference Interview

January 22, 2012

Recently, I was fortunate enough to take place in a press event in anticipation for the second season of Spartacus: Vengeance with stars Liam McIntyre (replacing Andy Whitfield as Spartacus), Lucy Lawless (Lucretia), Viva Bianca (Ilythia) and Peter Mensah (Doctore). One thing that rang true in every response to every question was just how much these actors love this show and just how epic the new season will be for fans of the show.

Other Highlights:

       When asked if her “inner Xena” was ever in danger of coming out, Lucy Lawless said absolutely not, that she was perfectly content to watch the others do the fighting.

       In preparing to take over the role of Spartacus, Liam McIntyre said that he watched all of Andy Whitfield’s work, and that realistically he just tried to stay true to the character.

       Costumes are a major part of all how all of the actors get into character. Liam joked that the producers must think pants are overrated.

       Viva Bianca noted that the audience will see many of the character’s vulnerabilities this season, including Ilythia.

       Liam gained about 40-45 pounds of muscle in preparation for the role, lifting everyday. As an actor, he said you have to use everything in your powers to do the best job you can, the hard work was vital to the role.

       Lucy joked that explicit love scenes do great things for the viewers’ sex live, but not so much for the actors.

       When asked about Spartacus’s love life and if he will ever love again, Liam said he thought that he would try, although it might not be possible.

       When asked about whether or not the fans would embrace Liam the way they did Andy, Liam said that only time would tell, and that he’s worked really hard to live up to expectations. Lucy chimed in here in support of her costar.

       One of the appeals of the story of Spartacus is that it’s such a great and famous story, and yet since there is no absolute history or account, the writers and creators have more creative freedom.

       Big screen version? No plans at the moment, the actors said they’d need a budget first.

       Lucy said she’s had a crazy ride playing Lucretia, some of the craziest stuff Lucy has ever shot.

       Any similarities between the actors and their characters? Liam said he also hated wearing pants, and Viva said Ilythia is more fashionable than she.

       Liam called stepping onto the set for the first time an incredibly humbling experience, and that Andy’s blessing meant the world to him. The cast and crew really appreciated Liam’s dedication to the role as the new lead actor.

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