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Before The Trailer wants YOU!

November 30, 2011

Have you ever visited a film set, met an actor/director or work in the film industry? If your answer is "yes" then YOU are someone we are looking for to feature on Before The Trailer. Now it's your time to shine!

You can either write about your experience yourself or provide us with the necessary information and we'll make an article out of it. Sounds interesting? Then make sure to follow the simple rules below and send an email to

– To avoid fictional submissions, your story has to be backed up by photos or any other reliable sources (official websites, news articles etc.) that can proof its veracity.

– If you write the story on your own, make sure to do so in clear English, don't add smileys, no use of abbreviations or an overuse of exclamation marks.

– You can send in more than one story, but make sure to email each of them separately.

– Submissions that include rumors, gossip or any kind of disrespectful remarks about a public person will not be taken into consideration.

Please understand that even though you follow the rules above, it doesn't automatically mean your story will be featured on Before The Trailer. It really depends on what we consider qualitative and entertaining. Nonetheless, don't be discouraged because it's worth it to participate as your story will be featured on the frontpage of Before The Trailer for a period of time.

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