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Our Exclusive Interviews With Jason Momoa And Rachel Nichols From “Conan The Barbarian” At Comic-Con 2011

July 25, 2011

This past Friday at ComicCon in San Diego, we had the tremendous honor of having an exclusive round-table interview to publicize the Lionsgate features “Conan The Barbarian”, “Warrior” and “The Devil’s Double”.

Our second interview was with actor Jason Momoa and actress Rachel Nichols from Conan The Barbarian.  In the film Jason plays the character Conan and Rachel plays Tamara.

Both were a pleasure to talk with and were very personable.

Jason started the interview by discussing how he didn’t get a chance to see the Arnold films before production started. Both of actors did a lot of preparation and research for their roles.  They wanted to stay true to the books and to the culture of Conan The Barbarian, while giving it a modern feel.

They both felt that the film was loyal to old fans and will pay homage, but at the same time will feel modern enough for fans that have not seen the original.

When Rachel was asked about her charcater she said that for Tamara it was a coming of age story, and she was really excited about the amount of depth and characterization that was developed for her character.

They discussed the fortunate timing and the great amount of press that has come from “Game of Thrones” and the increased interested in Jason Momoa and the new Conan film, because of the success of “Game of Thrones”.

You can listen to the complete interview below

Or click here to listen

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