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Interviews with the vocal talent of MTV’s ‘Good Vibes’ Including Adam Brody And Jake Busey

July 25, 2011

I sat down with several other journalists in a round table interview to talk to some of the vocal talent of MTV’s new cartoon “Good Vibes” on Saturday during the San Diego International Comic-Con.

“Good Vibes” is based around Mondo, a kid who moves from New Jersey to the fictional beach town of Play Del Toro, California – a town full of surfers. In order to try to fit in, the hefty Mondo decides to take up surfing. Mondo is voiced by Josh Gad, who was unable to make Comic-Con as he is currently starring in the Tony Award-winning “Book of Mormon.” We were able to talk to Adam Brody, Jake Busey, Tony Hale and Alan Tudyk.

Brody voices Woodie, a stoned surfer; Busey voices Turk, the local surf bully; Hale voices Wadska, a spastic character who’s a bit of a third wheel; and Tudyk voices several of the characters, including an old surfer named Lonnie, and Woodie’s father.

Here are those interviews:

Adam Brody and Alan Tudyk


Jake Busey and Tony Hale


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