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A bloody ‘Immortals’ at Comic-Con

July 23, 2011

We were shown the trailer for “Immortals” in 3D and a clip from the movie in 2D during the panel at the San Diego International Comic-Con today . Both proved to be full of gratuitous slo-mo blood splatter – and ripping off of heads and dismemberment of bodies. This isn’t entirely surprising, considering “Immortals” was produced by Mark Canton, who also produced “300.”

“Immortals” is a reimagining of the story of the Greek gods. In this version the gods and goddesses are all young and attractive. Director Tarsem Singh is aware that people are attached to their image of older – but fit – gods, but he posed this question: If you were to live forever, would you want to be old or young?

From what I could gather “Immortals” is about Theseus (Henry Cavill), a human who has been selected by the gods to save the people from a king mad with power – played by Mickey Rourke. The clip we were shown was of Zeus (Luke Evans) battling the Titans, who had been imprisoned for eons after being defeated by the gods and goddesses. There are also more big, muscle-bound men in the movie – Kellan Lutz playing Poseidon and Stephen Dorff playing someone named Stavros – as well as Freida Pinto, playing Phaedra, the love interest for Theseus. How all these characters play into the plot of the movie, I’m not exactly sure.

Singh said that he wanted to address the idea of gods after a comment his mother made to him. Singh has been an atheist since he was a young child, but one day his mother said to him: “How do you think you are as successful as you are if it wasn’t for my prayer?” Singh decided he wanted to make a movie that addressed this issue – where a man who doesn’t believe in the gods and goddesses dies and then is only given a second chance because one person prayed hard for him.

Luke Evans pointed out that Zeus is more manual in this movie he is normally portrayed. It’s not all about thunder and lightning bolts – Zeus is much more hands on, holding weapons and physically attacking the enemy – as we saw in the clip we were shown.

Pinto said that it was nice to be on a set where the men had to bear it all and the women got to stay covered. (For any women hoping this will be “300” 2.0 – sorry, but there appears to be a lot more armor in this movie than there was in “300.”)

“Immortals” opens in theaters on November 11.

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