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“Ted” On Location Set Pictures In Boston – June 24

June 25, 2011

Bryant went into Boston to see if he could photograph a movie – Ted starring Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis – being filmed on location. Had to work/walk ‘around’ security to get closer on the set as they shot a scene… 🙂

Great photos and thank you to BryantO.  Looks like you had a great time. Check out more of his photos from the set.

Seen here is Mila Kunis, in white, apparently reading/practicing lines for a scene as the crew works to set up the shot

Note all the lights, huge crane on the left for the cameras, and director/producer tent on the right

(A better look at the director/producer tent…)

Gotta love how they can just bring a Ferrari on set as needed. Thought this was one of the cast at first, but it appeared to be one of the crew bringing the vehicle onto the set

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