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June 14 Filming Locations In Boston, New York, Los Angeles, Louisiana And Other Locations Including “Ted”, “House of Usher” And “Boardwalk Empire”

June 13, 2011

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Los Angeles Filming Locations

Ugg Boots is filming in Los Angeles from 7am til 12am on the 14th and 15th at
1. Wilshire Blvd., Grand Ave – Hope St;
2. Wilshire Blvd., Grand Ave – Flower St;
3. 6th St, Hope St – Grand Ave;
4. 613 S Grand Ave

House of Usher is filming in Los Angeles from 6am til 10pm at 811 Traction Ave.

ESPN is filming in Los Angeles from 7am til 10pm at 717 W Temple St

“404” is filming in Los Angeles from 11am til 12am at 800 Jackson St – 718 Jackson St

Samaritan is filming from June 14-18 in Los Angeles from 7am til 10pm at
1. 590 S Santa Fe Ave;
2. S Santa Fe Ave, Willow St – 6th St;
3. Willow St, Mateo St – Santa Fe Ave.

Diesel is filming in Los Angeles from 8am til 12am at S Hope St, W Olympic Blvd. – W 12th St

New York Filming Locations

The Dictator is filming on the Upper East Side in Manhattan around 1057 Lexington Avenue between 75th and 76th

Lola Vs. is filming in Brooklyn at around 200 Willoughby Avenue

Boardwalk Empire is filming near 185 Cedar Grove Avenue in Staten Island, NY

Royal Pains is filming at the Broadway Stages in Brooklyn

The Big C was filming near 136 Washington Street in Norwalk, CT. They may still be there

Girls is filming near the corner of N. 5th and 10th Avenue in Brooklyn

North Carolina Filming Locations

“The Hunger Games” will be filming at DuPont State Park in North Carolina.

Louisiana Filming Locations

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is filming at the sound stage at 801 Thayer Street in New Orleans

Loft is filming in New Orleans near 55 Dreyfous Drive

New Mexico Filming Locations

In Plain Sight is filming at 54 JEMEZ DAM ROAD in Bernalillo

Game Change is filming in Sante Fe near  1605 Old Pecos Trail

Boston Filming Locations

I hate you, Dad with Adam Sandler was filming Monday in Lynn, MA at the area of Kings Beach Road  and Ocean Street (Thanks Justine)

“Ted” in the Somerville Theatre from 8 a.m. to midnight. Lookout for road closures in Davis Square

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