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Casting for “I Hate You Dad” filming in Boston

April 18, 2011

Thank you to BeantownName Boston for the following casting information.  “I Hate You Dad” a new film by Adam Sandler is casting for the following roles.  Contact information can be found at the end of the post.  We wish you luck!

Female, to play 27 yrs old, Caucasian.  Mary aka Miss McGarricle, a teacher at the school where 13 year old Donny is a student.  Takes place in the 80’s so should have the style of a gorgeous 80’s type with big Jersey hair.  Must be the typical hot teacher fantasy type, yet with a sweet personality.  Must be ok with the films type of humor where she seduces a student, then ends up in prison for it.

Male, 25 – 35ish, Caucasian. US Marine Corps Iraq war veteran named Troy, intimidating, very strong build, buzz cut hair, semi-unstable personality.  Has an excessively amorous relationship with his sister Stacy, played by Leighton Meester.  Seems almost jealous of Stacy’s fiancée Todd, played by Andy Samberg.

Female, 58 – 68ish, Caucasian.  Helen, the mother of Stacy and Troy.  Extremely rich successful Boston businesswoman.  Beautiful for her age.  Dominant in her relationship with Gerald.

Male, 60 – 70ish, Caucasian.  Stacy and Troy step-father, married to Helen.  Kind demeanor, organized, and subservient to Helen.  Has accepted his submissive role in the relationship.

Male, 25 – 30ish, Asian or Indian.  Phil, works as an accountant in Helen’s company and is a friend of Todd’s.  Gets bumped from being his best-man when Donny shows up.  Think sweet Howdy-Doody type.

Male, 35 – 50ish, ethnicity unspecified.  Craig, is Donny’s attorney.  Always gives his best to help Donny get out of legal problems, but doesn’t always have sensible resolutions.  Overtly rose-colored positive outlook, not the greatest attorney, but has good intentions.

Male, 30 – 40ish, Italian American.  Antonio, a non-typical wedding planner.  Speaks with a strong New York accent, a guy’s guy, big and tough, very vocal with no qualms about using 4 letter words.  A working-class urban type personality with an overtly macho attitude.

Female, 45 – 55ish, African American.  Champale, long time friend of Donny’s and likes to play a motherly figure to him.  She is a stripper at Donny’s club, loves to be topless even when not working.  She has a self image of being the hottest babe around even though she is overweight.  Says it like it is.

Female, 25ish, African American.  Brie, beautiful loving daughter of Champale who also works in Donny’s club.  Very understanding of her mom and Donny’s situations.

Female, 25 – 30ish, Asian.  Kim, super hot friend of Stacy’s. Is one of her bridesmaids.

Send profesional resume and headshot to:

Rachel Tenner
“I Hate You, Dad” Casting
5933 W. Slauson Avenue
Suite 2107
Culver City, CA 90230

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