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Our Interview With Ryan McPartlin AKA Captain Awesome From The NBC Show “Chuck”

March 28, 2011

Earlier today we had the great pleasure of speaking with Ryan Mcpartlin or Captain Awesome, from the tv show Chuck.  They were working on Part 1 of the 2nd to last episode of the Season.  For those of you who are unaware, its quite possible the show won’t come back for season 5.  If you are interested in having the show come back for another season,  you can join the “We give a Chuck” campaign at their website or check out their twitter.  But let your voice be heard if you are a fan.

Don’t forget to become a fan of our site, and follow us on facebook and get regular updates to filming locations, filming news, and trailers. You can just click above and become a fan also. You can also follow us on twitter. What are your thoughts on season 5 of Chuck? Do you think they will be successful in bringing back a 5th Season?

Ryan McPartlin: That is a good question.  I mean, we think so.  We hope so.  At the same time we’ve made it through four seasons without knowing if we’d ever make it this far.  I feel like a fifth season would just be kind of gravy for it all, because it puts us into syndication so that they can sell us and we can watch it every day on some other network.  In that sense, it would be great to be able to be part of TV history.  But I can’t really say.  I really don’t know.  It’s more just a kind of the identity of our show that we never know if we are coming back or not.  It’s worked its way into the storylines, you never know if someone is going to live or die, or what’s going to happen on our show.

BTT:    What can we expect from Devon and Ellie’s Character for the remainder of the season?

RM: We are definitely tied into the storyline towards the end of the season more than we have for the rest of the show.  We are building up to Chuck and Sarah’s wedding and Ellie & Awesome are definitely going to be very involved in the wedding in a number of aspects, not to mention we’re trying to figure out the computer that her dad left for her.  I think we had to slowly build to this.  We couldn’t just give the audience what they probably want, which would be just Ellie and Awesome involved in the stakes of the spy world early in the season because, we are the family.  We are what drives the emotion of the show as far as the real stakes that are involved.

BTT:    Being curious how many people walk down the sidewalk and call you “Awesome”? Are you used to it yet?

RM: Not as frequently these days.  I think that our fans are great, because it’s not like they are seeing Justin Bieber and freaking out and crying.  It’s really like someone giving me a wink and a nudge and saying, ‘That is Awesome.  I love the show.  Can I grab a picture for family, for a friend?’ whatever it is.  I think everyone treats us like family in that sense.

BTT:    Hoping there is a new a season if you were to write your own character what would you like to see him do?

RM: If we have another season, I’d say that first of all it would be nice to know when the end is; whether it’s a fifth season or whether it’s a sixth season or what it is.  Much like “Lost” had that opportunity to build towards the big finale of the show.  That would be nice to know and, if that were the case I would definitely involve Ellie and Awesome into the spy-world as much as possible out of necessity not choice, because choice would be self-centered if we have a baby and all.  We are putting our lives at risk.  If we have to protect the life of our baby and every other child of the world, much like I think Chuck and Sarah have to do, I think that is less selfish and more like, ‘Hey, we are adding something to the play.’  Where the first time Awesome wanted to get involved for the thrill of being in the spy-world, he would now say, ‘You have to put that aside and do it because you have to, not because you want to.’

BTT:    If there isn’t a 5th season, will they try to wrap up the show or will It just end?

RM: We will always do our best to give the audience a satisfying climax and an ending to each season then leave a little something more for the future.  So I think we will do that. I haven’t actually seen the last episode yet but I have a feeling that is what they are working towards right now.  We will go with that, and we’ll leave them with one more question of what happens next?

BTT:    Do you have a message or advice that you would say to the campaigns like “We Give a Chuck” that would like to save the show?

RM: I say, ‘Listen we know it’s all happening, we are involved with some of it.  We appreciate all of the effort and to be honest this is your show.  I mean it, this is your show, you have gotten us this far and if you really want to see more Chuck then we will probably have to double up our efforts only because people have gotten used to this.’  People have gotten used to the idea of we may go away and then we’re coming back.  I think the tolerance is built for that and the stakes are higher now, because I think we are coming towards the end of our show.  So I think if they really want one more season out of Chuck, I think they are going to have to double up their efforts this go around, because I think there are a lot of people assuming that it’s going to be OK.

BTT:    Are you currently working on any other productions than Chuck that we can look forward to?

RM: I have a small role in Clint Eastwood’s new J. Edgar Hoover.  So I get to do a nice small role with Leonardo DiCaprio and Armie Hammer.  We are just trying to figure out what’s next after that, during the hiatus.  Hopefully it’s a short hiatus and we come back and do some more Chuck.  But right now we are just knee deep into Chuck and then we will figure out what is next after that.

BTT:    How did you get involved with the series?

RM: Actually I did this like everyone else at the end of pilot season four years ago now.  They had tested a lot of Captain Awesome’s but the guys, the actors that they saw before me, they all played it a little condescending towards Chuck and that’s just not my nature.  My nature is more of a coach than anything else.  So when I came into the room, I really wanted Chuck to be the best guy that he can be and I wanted to show him how to do that.  It wasn’t a condescending nature, it was more of a positive reinforcement nature and they said, even though I didn’t do that well with the audition in my mind, they were like, ‘Well, just in the character lead, you are the guy.’  So they gave me the role and I kind of ran with it.

BTT:    When you first heard about the concept what was your first thoughts?

RM: To be honest, I thought it was too big.  I think it was awesome, no pun intended.  I thought it really, what’s the word I’m looking for… I thought it was really ambitious and I thought it would make a great pilot and then maybe a season.  I never dreamed we would be four seasons into it, they would be able to create the formula they created to keep the intrigue and the interest in it.

  • Mark

    Nice interview – long live #Chuck Ryan is a kind man and, like all of the cast, very talented.

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