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10 Best U.S Cities To Make A Film

March 06, 2011 have listed their top ten U.S cities to make films.
List and article provided by Kyle Rupprecht and Jennifer Wood

1. Boston, MA

“With its low unemployment rates, above-average paychecks and full
supply of moviemaking professionals and newcomers emerging from one
of the area’s many highly-ranked film programs Boston’s film scene
has been ready to explode for years.”


“The state offers one of the country’s most successful tax incentive programs, which includes a refundable production tax credit of up to 25 percent, a film investment loan program and a 50 percent wage reimbursement program for hiring ABQ Trainees”


“The city is home to an array of state-of-the-art soundstages and production facilities like Horizon Entertainment and Second Line Stages, the country’s first indepenent, green film studio.”


“Texas’ unofficial film capital has been thriving for years, and home to some
of the country’s most exciting auteurs.”


“Last year, more than 330 projects filmed in Georgia, generating an economic impact
of 1.3 billion Dollars compared to 24.3 million brought in 2007.”


“In 2010, the already-bustling city saw a 15 percent increase in film production from
the previous year, in part due to Washington FilmWorks’ 30 percent rebate with no caps. In Fact, it’s estimated that the film industry supports nearly 5000 jobs and 700 freelancers and contributes more than $470 million to the city’s economy each year.”


“While the prospect of shooting in New York City may seem a bit overwhelming. Brooklyn offers an easier, more affordable route for moviemakers looking for authentic city locations without the mobs of tourist.”


“When asked by Entertainment Weekly why he chose to shoot Scream 4 in and around Detroit. Wes Craven responded ‘Frankly, the tax credits in Michigan are enormous, so we’ll be able to put a lot more movie on the screen.”


“As the undisputed epicent of the American movie industry, Los Angeles seems like a no-brainer to be included on the list.”


“Richmond provides a treasure trove of backdrops for moviemakers to explore.”

To read the entire article and further explanation to their decision click here

  • Joey DC

    Love that Boston is on #1 :)

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