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More Than One Spider-Man In The Reboot? It’s Possible…

February 09, 2011


We had a link send to us regarding the filming of the new Spider-Man movie.  We looked at the link and found the pictures interesting.  A few of more interesting photos shows two Spider-man filming together in a scene. While it could be a situation like we had in the Dark Knight, its yet to be seen.

In the description accompanying the photos it stated, “The Spider Man Reboot films a scene involving a car burglar and two Spider-Man’s which both appear on camera. In the scene, Andrew Garfield in character as Spider-Man is hiding in the back seat of a car that a car burglar attempts to steal. The spooked thief exits the car to escape but is taken down by a second Spider-Man as Spider-Man number one (Garfield) watches the action through the backseat window. Both Spider man’s were also seen rehearsing a stunt together while covered in trench coats.”  Check out for more photos from this shoot!!

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