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The First Look At Andrew Garfield As Spider-Man

January 13, 2011

The first image of Peter Parker/Spider-Man has been released.   From this one picture, you can really get a sense of the direction that they are going to take the character.

The first thing we notice is that the Andrew Garfield character is more in line with the 90′ s version of Spider-man.  A little more wired than the Tobey Maquire. Another detail that was noticed was the appearance of web-shooters. As most true Spider-man fans know, in the comic books Spider-man used his intelligence in science and created web-shooters that were attached to his wrist.  In his most dire time of need, he seemed to run low on web.

Most will agree its way early for a new version of Spider-man,  I just watched Spider-man 3 a few days ago.  But from what I can see, I like the direction they are going on with this one.

What are your thoughts? I would be interested to hear

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