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Beyoncé Knowles in A Star Is Born musical directed by Clint Eastwood

January 21, 2011

Singer Beyoncé Knowles will star in the 4th version of A Star Is Born musical which will be produced and directed by Clint Eastwood. No male lead is cast yet. The plan is to start shooting this Fall , they will use the best equipment they could get for recording rap vocals on.

There have been a trio of A Star Is Born versions made since the 1930s, the last one coming in 1976 with Kristofferson playing the boozer and Streisand the wannabe. Or even 4 if you consider What Price Hollywood (1932) made by George Cukor which is often forgotten.

Source: Deadline

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  • Anon Ymus

    Beyonce's tooooo young for thsi stalest of Hollywood retreads.

    As for 'daring maverick veteran director' Eastwood, he's now been
    caught fronting a string of demoralizing, Globalist-think/RED China
    'eugenics friendly' pictures (THINK 'Million Dollar Baby', IWO trilogy etc. etc.)
    —-he even baulked and buried the astoundingly relevant, urgently important
    60th Anniversary of the KOREAN WAR last year!

    ————GET with teh DE-program and steer clear of this 'Star' —-PUN INTENDED.