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Dec 16 Filming Locations In Michigan, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles And Other Locations Including “The Chicago Code”,”Setup” And “Castle”

December 15, 2010

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Los Angeles Filming Locations

Castle is filming in Los Angeles from 4pm til 4am at Hewitt St, Traction Ave – 4th St and  544 Mateo St from 11am til 5am

The Cape is filming in LA at (Tunnel under) 6th St Bridge at Santa Fe Ave & Mesquit St from 5am til 12am

Young the Giant is filming in Los Angeles from 3pm til 10pm at Mercury Ct, 7th St – 6th St

An untitled reality show by Bermanbaun Programming is filming in Los Angeles at 1101 Glendon Ave. from 9am til 10pm the 8th through 22nd

Criminal Minds is filming in Los Angeles at Under 6th St, 6th St. & Mesquit the 14th thru 16th from 4pm til 6am

Circling the Drain is filming in Los Angeles at 202 W. 1st Street through the 16th from 12pm til 10pm

Hurmira is filming at 332 S Mc Cadden Pl in Los Angeles on the 15th from 5am til 10pm and the 16th from 7am til 7pm

Take a byte is filming in LA at 1317 Willow St the 15th through 17th from 8am til 8pm

Brothers and Sisters is filming at 1640 Lombardy Rd. in Los Angeles

New York Filming Locations

30 Rock is filming at Silvercup Studios in Long Island City

Tower Heist is filming at 420 Kent Avenue in Brooklyn

Men in Black 3 is filming at Kaufman Astoria Studios in Astoria, NY

Gossip Girl is filming at Silvercup Studios in Long Island City

Are We There Yet? is filming at 300 Stillwater Ave in Stamford, CT

Mr. Poppers Penguins is filming at Steiner Studios in Brooklyn

Nurse Jackie is filming at their stages at Kaufman Astoria Stages in Astoria, NY

Law and Order:SVU is filming episode “Mask” at their North Bergen Studio in NJ.  episode “Dirty” is filming around 1815 Riverside Drive

Chicago Filiming Locations

The Chicago Code is filming at Chicago Studio City in Chicago

Michigan Filming Locations

Setup with 50 cent and Ryan Phillippe will be filming in a corner of Woodlawn Cemetery on Kalamazoo St. SE.

House of the Rising Sun is also filming in Grand Rapids.  If you have known filming locations, let us know

The Giant Mechanical Man is filming in the Detroit area.  Filming was occuring at the Detroit Zoo

Louisiana Filming Locations

Battleship is filming at their sound stages in Baton Rouge, LA

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn is filming interiors at at 1870 Grande Terre, in Port Allen, LA.  It is a large blue and yellow warehouse (Thanks John)

So Undercover is filming in New Orleans at the area of 400 Jackson Avenue