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Dec 10-12 Filming Locations In Chicago, Michigan, Los Angeles And Other Locations Including ” Criminal Minds”, “The Muppets” And “Contagion”

December 09, 2010

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Los Angeles Filming Locations

Kaiser is filming in Los Angeles at a few locations at
Lower Grand Ave, 4th St. – GTK from 9am til 1pm
202 W 1st St from 6am til 3pm
E 5th St & S Hewitt St is filming on the 12th from 7am til 10pm
S Hewitt St & Palmetto St is filming on the 12th from 7am til 7pm

Picked Off is filming at 1001 Rose Bowl Drive in Los Angeles

A student film called Of Age is filming in Los Angeles at 324 Madeline Drive on the 11th

Crockett Project is filming in Los Angeles at 6th St Under 6th St Bridge from Mateo East to End
from 7am til 10pm through the 10th

Now is filming at Anderson St, Jesse St – E 6th St December 6 through 10 from 5am til 8pm in Los Angeles

Nani by the American Film Institute is filming at  457 S Santa Fe Ave. from 7am til 10pm, and the 11th through 12th 9am til 10pm

An untitled reality show by Bermanbaun Programming is filming iN Los Angeles at 1101 Glendon Ave. from 9am til 10pm
the 8th through 22nd

Criminal Minds is filming in Los Angeles at a few locations
1.Mateo St, 6th St – Palmetto St from 4pm til 6am on the 9th
2: 6th St Bridge, Boyle – Mateo St. from 7pm til 6am on the 9th and 10th
3: 6th St & Mateo St. from 7pm til 6am on the 9th and 10th
4: Palmetto St, Santa Fe – Mateo St. from 7pm til 6am on the 9th and 10th

The Muppets Movie is filming in Los Angeles on the 11th and 12th from 6am til 11pm at 1240 Palmetto Street and 1380 E 6th St

Web of Lies is filming on the 11th at 1936 E. 7Th Street in Los Angeles from 7am til 10pm

Fingerball is filming on the 12th from 7am til 6pm in Los Angeles at N 1st St & N Los Angeles St.
They are also filming at 615 S Broadway from 7am til 12am

Chicago Filming Locations

Looks like “Contagion” will be filming in Contagion.  They were supposed to film on the 13th. Looks like it got moved up.
Click here for the information

Chicago Code is filming in Chicago. They are filming at 2600 S. California at the Cook County Court House.  Want to be an extra on Friday? Click here

Michigan Filming Locations

Setup with Bruce Willis and 50 Cent is currently filming in Grand Rapids.

House of The Rising Sun is filming in Grand Rapids.

Giant Mechanical Man with Jenna Fischer and Topher Grace was filming at the Detroit Zoo and the surrounding areas.

Louisiana Filming Locations

Battleship is filming at their sound stages in Baton Rouge, LA

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn is filming interiors at at 1870 Grande Terre, in Port Allen, LA.  It is a large blue and yellow warehouse (Thanks John)